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  1. Moguri

    Appreciation Somi kissed Hyuna..

    :passcodea::passcodea::passcodea: (second clip) Wish I was Hyuna :llama_BLEED:
  2. shika

    Appreciation hyuna-ah being a fashion icon n trendsetter- a thread

    hyuna hyuna hyuna... god I adore her fashion so much !! nowadays, she has gotten so bold and colourful with it, she isn't scared to be weird or quirky at al- and I love it !! it really gives us some good looks. I really enjoy the way the combines street style and comfy wear, with edgy somewhat...
  3. Myth

    Appreciation No I'm not over HyunA 'I'm Not Cool'

    It still slaps.:lucastwerk: I love Good Girl so much too:lovelycooky:
  4. Myth

    HyunA and Dawn always EAT their photoshoots!

    :lovelycooky: :lovelycooky: :lovelycooky:
  5. shika

    hyuna is as firey as always !!

    her confidence is out the cosmic ! :pepecry2:
  6. shika

    Video hyuna for HARPER BAZAAR

    she is absolutely glowing !
  7. OnlyCalB

    Performance Hyuna & E.Dawn 'Ping Pong' Dance Relay [Mnet]

    Hyuna & E.Dawn 'Ping Pong' Dance Relay [Mnet]
  8. badcrookshanks

    New MV [HyunA&DAWN] 'PING PONG' MV

    ITS SO GOOD :junweary:
  9. OnlyCalB

    Performance Hyuna 'I'm Not Cool' @ SBS Inkigayo [21.02.21]

    Hyuna @ SBS Inkigayo 21.02.21 'I'm Not Cool'
  10. OnlyCalB

    Performance Hyuna 'I'm not Cool' Performance @ Sketchbook

    Hyuna @ Sketchbook
  11. LoveYooShaSha

    Appreciation HyunA 'I'm Not Cool' (Good Girl) Interview uploaded 2021.02.09

    HyunA 'I'm Not Cool' (Good Girl) Interview uploaded 2021.02.09 [미공개영상] 현아(HyunA) I'm Not Cool 앨범 속 GOOD GIRL 가사&안무에 숨겨진 비밀
  12. OnlyCalB

    Performance Hyuna 'I'm Not Cool' @ SBS Inkigayo [Fancam]

    Hyuna @ SBS Inkigayo 21.02.07 This is my fave fancam of her so far for this comeback. She's having so much fun lol. :pikahappy:
  13. OnlyCalB

    Performance Hyuna 'I'm Not Cool' @ SBS Inkigayo [21.02.07]

    Hyuna @ SBS Inkigayo 21.02.07 'I'm Not Cool'
  14. Darkseid

    MV HyunA- Good Girl (MV)

    The MV for Good Girl from her latest album has dropped, gotta say I prefer this greatly to I’m Not Cool. @4NIA
  15. Darkseid

    Teaser HyunA- Good Girl Teaser

    Originally this was supposed to be her pre-release track before the actual comeback, when it was still scheduled for 2020. Now after I'm Not Cool, she's releasing the MV finally tomorrow (Feb 3rd). A teaser has been posted...
  16. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation Hyuna 'I'm Not Cool' Dance Relay [Mnet]

    Hyuna 'I'm Not Cool' Dance Relay [Mnet]
  17. eclipsoul

    Teaser HyunA 'I'm Not Cool' Album Sampler

  18. OnlyCalB

    Teaser Hyuna 'I'm Not Cool' Teaser Images