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i love her

  1. maruberry

    MV Hirate Yurina [Techi] solo "Dance no riyuu" MV

    HOLY SHIT MY QUEEN! MY ABSOLUTE QUEEN! This is better than I expected, this is so majestic and amazing! @Girl Group STAN MY QUEEN @Jimimis YOU TOO
  2. maruberry

    18+ Aini is the prettiest girl to ever exist

    I love her so much she is just... STUNNING! Absolutely stunning and beautiful and just breathtaking!
  3. maruberry

    Who TF is NCT's Auntie?

    NCT members (127 specifically) have by now MULTIPLE times mentioned a mysterious auntie who seems to have been around for over half a year now... She cooks for them and she cleans for them... Is this like some kind of a new system put in place by SM to make sure all members are eating properly...