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  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    The weird issue that I have with ITZY...

    I NEVER like their songs or at least their title tracks on first listen or even the second or third, I have this weird thing where I just really don't like the song at all at first and then a couple months later I'll be scrolling through YouTube, decided to give it another try and then end up...
  2. Emanresu

    Appreciation Ryujin The Great Slays Icy

    Ryujin The Great Slays Icy Watching Ryujin The Great slay Icy The Dragon is even better than Game Of Thrones. My pink haired queen! Kill it! Kill it! So hot she can melt ice!
  3. Emanresu

    Appreciation Pretty Yuna Icy Fancam

    Pretty Yuna Icy Fancam I've been catching up on Icy promotions. Yuna so pretty!
  4. Haolat

    What do you think of this Zimzalabim Icy mashdown?

  5. Mayday

    Audio ITZY - ICY || 80s Version

    This is actually pretty good, ngl.
  6. Mayday

    Performance ITZY ICY Comeback Showcase