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i'm bored

  1. maruberry

    Treasure's debut doesn't age well

    It's only been a few days and I'm already tired of it. :joshmeh:
  2. maruberry

    High Quality Unpopular opinions from Maru

    So I'm bored and saw @Religion_Of_Joy made a thread about unpopular opinions, so I thought why not too one too y'know! Equal line distributions are not fair line distributions 10 seconds of lines for a sub-vocal or even a lead vocal (in a group with a lot of members) is not bad Most groups...
  3. maruberry

    I'm getting bored with kpop

    NOTHING new is happening! Same old concepts, same old sounds, there is nothing INTERESTING. All the girl groups are either girlcrush or cute All the Boy groups are aggressive I even get bored of the songs quite quickly. I AM BORED I AM BORED!!!! I want a sexy girlgroup AND a sexy boygroup...
  4. maruberry

    GFX I'm bored, does anybody want a new sig?

    I feel like editing, but I already have a pretty af sig... Anybody want a new one? Just tell me the idol and any other wants you have! I will prolly do like 1 or 2 MAYBE 3.... I dunno rn, depends on how long the first ones take me! PS: here's some I've done before
  5. lexus

    Which group badge(s) are your favorite?

    Not the badges fir members of the group, but just the group badge itself. Here's my favorites - Okay I might have named too many, but whatever. Which group badges are your favorite?
  6. kuro

    jennie, jennie, or jennie?

    who should my next aesthetic be on :irenecrazy: don't let this flop :chickill::pepecry2:
  7. lexus

    What was the first sig you ever had?

    Mine was this. It's from Red Velvet's Bad Boy mv. And I had a bunch of rainbow text surrounding it. What was your first sig? Or least one of the oldest sigs you remember having?
  8. wayvoutsold

    Appreciation Rating your favorite songs!

    Send me all your favorite songs, and I will listen to and rate them out of 10!
  9. maruberry

    18+ Seventeen members... [Does it even really need more specification?]

    This is how I imagine the members would be! This is all just my speculation and honestly if I were to write this on any other day some of these would most likely be different! Feel free to tell me what you think though! Vanilla boys: S.Coups - Vanilla boy who prefers to top Joshua - Vanilla...
  10. E

    Kids react to kpop

    On Fancy 🤟: "....Hmmm..........." " What the heck! " " I like it, especially chocolate ice cream " " OHMYGOSH, THIS SONG IS SUCH A BOP LIKE LITERALLY I HEARD IT AND I WAS LIKE :nakypog: " " The beat! " " They are good at dancing its just I don't really get the song " " They're like the songs...
  11. lexus


    There hasn't been a new thread in over an hour so I thought I'd make one. :sadcat: How is everyone doing today? What's the weather like? How are your pets? Tell me something. Anything will do. Let's get this place more active again. :sadcat: