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  1. YIBO

    Intro Hey, nice to meet ya’ll 💁🏻‍♂️

    Hi! I’m new here but an oldy from akp by the name of yoichiidesu :joysip: I’m a huge ORBIT and my love for LOONA is endless :irenecrazy: I also like a lot of other groups and a group I’m recently into is ITZY What else? I like anime, manga, webtoons, light novels and all that. I’m a pretty open...
  2. Azukiiro

    Intro Most anticipated introduction of 2020

    HELLO EVERYBODY, Nice to meet everyone on this forum, I want to get to know all of you :)) About Me: 2010 was when I realised that my life had been missing some good music. From then I've been into Kpop for the last 10 years but sadly I missed out on the years 2018-2019 so if someone could...
  3. ThiccDicc

    Intro Hello everyone!!! im ya boi!!!!

    nah im actually a girl who had to make alot of "that what she said joke" im mainly a GG stan i do stan loona so should you twice too and on my way to stanny clc and wjsn also while yall are here please stream
  4. baekk

    Intro Hello, What am I doing here?

    I feel like I'm betraying AKP but whatever. :hmm: I'm 21 and a multi stan :llama_ramen: My mains are: Exo NCT Red Velvet EXID CLC Seventeen SHINee DAY6 A.C.E Wonder Girls Super Junior GOT7 BigBang Stray Kids Probably More than this Why do I feel like this site is better than AKP?:pandaomg: