1. Sana

    Intro Heyaaa KPS

    Heya boyz and gurls ~ Unlike other people I'm not a refugee from AKP or OH since I've prefered gaming forums/german forums. Unfortunately one of them just completely disappeared a while ago without any notification, so I just thought about joining a completely different kind of forum. Even tho...
  2. QueenB

    Intro Due to my immeasurable talent

    I managed to get my first account purged Luckily @Son Na Eun was awesome and got my username back for me :pandalove: But here's to a new account and second intro! Also, if we were following each other just tell me I could only remember @lighterxxx lol STAN LOONA Also, THE BOYZ
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    Intro Hey guys! <3

    Hello, My name is Jake and I joined today thanks to @infire707. I'm a daily user of AKP but decided to join here after I saw a lot of the users that I love leaving (I wanna know the FULL tea on why if anyone is interested in spilling). I'm a 95 liner which makes me 23 going on 24 this year 😭...

    Intro KPOPPER from CT

    Hello. I was told to make an introductory however I am bad with words heh ^_^; I am from Connecticut and NYC is my hub. I am a Army, Monbebe, Starlight, Shawol, Aroha, Universe. I love music of all genres, groups and I am open to everything. PLEASE DONT BE DISCOURAGED I LOVE ALL GROUPS, SO LETS...
  5. K

    Intro Helloooo, I'm new here

    Hiii, I'm Kelly! I joined this forum recently and I come from akp (same username). Honestly, I'm a little bit nervous about joining a new forum ;; but I'll be fine lol. Anyway here's a bit about me: - My bias groups are Monsta X, Dreamcatcher and Pentagon! - My UB group is Monsta X and my UB is...
  6. H

    Intro hello, kinda new

    hello, i'm new to here but i use to listen to kpop about 4 years ago and just deiced today to see whats be going on and whats new. I kinda missed it so here i am. Any suggestions on who i should listen to. Only group i remember really listen to was exo with Suho being my fav. so suggestions...
  7. Cream

    Intro Introduction

    Hello I'm Cream and i've recently joined Kpopsource. The layout and badges are nice and it isn't as toxic as allkpop I see myself staying here for awhile.
  8. Minuteman

    Intro Another Settlement Needs Your Help

    You know, I never actually made one of these for AKP, so I guess I'll finally introduce myself here! So back in February of 2017, I was reading an article on ESPN about the Patriots after they won the Super Bowl against Atlanta in an epic fashion. Now, ESPN usually has a couple clickbait-y...