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  1. Starlight4370

    Appreciation I just bought this new CD Paint it Blue by 'Sora Amamiya' 2020

    I usually wouldn't, but it releases tomorrow and there are only 4 copies left before restock. Waiting for another shipment would be a pain in the butt for me, so I took the chance. She is very popular too. So lucky I saw this online when I did. This is what it looks like. The regular...
  2. Peach

    Comeback HIROOMI TOSAKA 'SUPERMOON' 10.04.2019 / FULL MOON concert DVD/Blu-Ray release

    "SUPERMOON" is the upcoming first single of Hiroomi Tosaka. It will be released on April 10, 2019 in three editions: one CD+DVD and two CD only. The song "BLUE SAPPHIRE" will be used as theme song for the animation movie Meitantei Conan: Konjou no Fist. The full tracklist is yet to be revealed...
  3. AmysTeri

    J-Pop/J-Rock Recs!

    Hello! So confession time. I haven't listened to a new group in these genres in...over a decade? I kept up with the released of my older favorites (Miyavi, Namie, Gackt, Agikan, Bump of Chicken, Kalafina, Perfume, Miura Daichi and L'Arc~En~Ciel), but I have not bothered with trying to...