1. jon_oppar

    Appreciation Eyes Wide Open Album Song Rating/Ranking

    (I didnt know which category to put it under, lemme know if it needs to be changed) Eyes Wide Open Introduction; Eyes Wide Open is the second Korean-language studio album by South Korean girl group Twice. It was released on October 26, 2020, by JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. The album...
  2. Ozymandias

    News Onces are pissed on Twitter, trend #RespectJeongyeon

    So this is a thing now. Apparently both Mnet and SBS released fancams of other members but not Jeongyeon and fans believe she's been neglected. Usually music shows can sometimes not release fancams for all members, so I don't think much of it although it sucks that it had to be Jeongyeon both...
  3. Ozymandias

    Discussion Senpai's Best girls in Kpop

    Urban dictionary defines best girl as: Although I'm more partial to the 2nd definition: Ignoring the 2d girls line (which are indeed better, just behind Kpop idols obvs) and the fucking your computer part, here are Ozy Senpai's 10 best Kpop waifus. The Harem of Hayabusa, the best girls...
  4. Emanresu

    Appreciation Jeongyeon Came To Kill - Marie Claire

    Jeongyeon Came To Kill Jeongyeon asserts as model chic for Marie Claire. You may call her Miss Yoo.
  5. M

    Audio TWICE "Feel Special" (Full Instrumental) [FANMADE]

    The teasers admittedly were disappointing, but I'm really enjoying this instrumental. Then again, it is fanmade, so there's no guarantee that this is accurate (though this channel has been fairly accurate in the past).
  6. DarlingBlue

    Teaser TWICE 'Feel Special' NaJeongMo Photo Teasers

    NAYEON [09/11] JEONGYEON [09/11] MOMO [09/11]
  7. Faerie

    Discussion Once being disrespectful to Jeongyeon

    On the 17th, Twice was in LA preforming their Twicelights Concert. The same one I missed out:umjicry: . During the question period, Twice members were allowed to answer questions that the fans might be curious about. However did one fan take to far? As jeongyeon was in mid- sentence a once...
  8. RunningMan

    Performance [Fancam] An Amazing and Loud Fanchanting Performance by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa

    :lovelycooky: Loud and Amazing fanchanting by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa 07.07.2019 Fancy Dance The Night Away Cheer Up
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation There should be more collabs...

    ... between ggs and bgs. I need another legendary performance like this one: (Jeongyeon & Vernon focus)
  10. dooh

    Appreciation yes i am one of those shippers

    jimin x jeongyeon, but thats not my fault, they are made for each other !! look at them both, perfect :pandasad::pandalove::pandalove: dont hate me :pandabeg::pandabeg: i need them jimin x jeongyeon beef vids
  11. Ozymandias

    Discussion BREAKING: Twice Jeongyeon arrested for attacking fan

    A Twice fan (and former Jeongyeon biased), who now biases Japanese gay queen Sana was viciously attacked by resident girl crush member of Twice- Yoo Jeongyeon and deserves to be taken into custody :yolk: The victim has been identified as @Soulless_Senpai, please pray for his wellbeing...
  12. NeoSquare

    TWICE ✩ The Best Thing I Ever Did ✩

    TWICE will be releasing their 3rd special album The Year of "Yes" on December 12 (6 PM KST)! Group Teasers "Unit" teasers: