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  1. Mangoey

    Appreciation Happy Birthday Trashy!! 🥳🥳

    @AnotherKpopTrash Happy birthday to the best kpop trash around! Here are some messages from friends: @Darjeeling *・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・* @Tir *・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・* @Ozymandias *・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・* @Walnutt...
  2. Mayday

    Audio TWICE "Feel Special" (Full Instrumental) [FANMADE]

    The teasers admittedly were disappointing, but I'm really enjoying this instrumental. Then again, it is fanmade, so there's no guarantee that this is accurate (though this channel has been fairly accurate in the past).
  3. OnCloudShine

    Teaser TWICE "Feel Special" SaJiMi

    @Baechu @kuro @Xeulgi @itzybitzyblink @Walnutt @Mirae @NogaNono @SugaRush @JJbaker @Queen @blurryface @HypeIsHere @goyo @DimashVirus @Jungkook @Ozymandias @zonosaur @AnotherKpopTrash @HopeOnTheStreet @potato @Tpse @Kimino @Vampire @Marianthi @SakinoSweety @SaviorTXT @Pilot
  4. Haolat

    News Japanese netizens write Xenophobic comments to Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo's dating news

    Japanese netizens write Xenophobic comments to Kang Daniel and TWICE Jihyo's dating news Jihyo, member of the female idol group TWICE, and former Wanna One member Kang Daniel have confirmed they are dating. On the 5th, entertainment media outlet "Dispatch" published a...
  5. Mayday

    News JYP's stocks go down after news of Jihyo dating is released

    As news of Jihyo and Daniel was released yesterday at around 8 PM KST, JYP's stocks have since gone down. Yikes.
  6. RunningMan

    Performance [Fancam] An Amazing and Loud Fanchanting Performance by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa

    :lovelycooky: Loud and Amazing fanchanting by Onces! Twice @ Pocari Challenge Teen Festa 07.07.2019 Fancy Dance The Night Away Cheer Up
  7. Mayday

    GFX Aesthetic Jihyo Edit~

    Feedback is appreciated!
  8. birdofparadise

    News May Brand Reputation Rankings for Individual Girl Group Members

    Queen stays on top as she's supposed to! (5 months in a row!!) :jenniesmug: Congrats to the rest of the girls ☺
  9. Soleski

    Appreciation I cry everytime I see this

    and I am not even a Once
  10. Bara

    Discussion Have your biases from different groups interact?

    Almost all my biases have :queen:
  11. ThiccDicc

    Appreciation Jihyo looked so good in Signal

    God is a woman and her name is Park Jihyo forever proving that she is the visual in twice DOnt forget the queens are coming back in 1 day so prepare yourself!!!!
  12. Faerie

    Comeback Charlie XCX to take part in Twice’s new album

    The “Fancy” and “Boom Clap” singer will be lending her creative mind to Twice’s Newest album. Helping composed and Arrange a song with fellow singer/Song writer MNEK . The song “Girls Like Us” is written by fellow Twice’s Leader Jihyo . We certainly can’t wait for the album as 3 other songs...
  13. joshuaology

    Appreciation Happy 5000 days with Jihyo!

    It's been 5000 days since Jihyo joined JYPE! She's been in the industry for nearly 14 years now :pepeheart: Let's appreciate how lucky we are to be living in the same time period as this goddess :yolk:
  14. OnCloudShine

    Discussion [NB] Jihyo Crying at Airport

    Why was Twice's Jihyo crying? Article: Twice Jihyo cries over 'Jung Jun Young video' Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Nate [video] 1. [+1,368, -28] Are we even sure that she cried because of the 'rumors'? Putting an article out like this is only going to hurt her more. 2. [+1,154, -23] Now people...
  15. QueenB

    Rumor Jihyo stans we ride at midnight

    I don't know what happened but i'm ready to SPILL BLOOD OF JIHYO'S ENEMIES :queen::queen::queen: Edit: also apparently Mina was limping as well....
  16. amourpinks

    Appreciation Favorite twice performance?

    my favorite has to be when tzuyu, momo and jihyo performance end of time by beyonce on their tour. it was just so full of charisma and power.
  17. NeoSquare

    Teaser TWICE: The Best Thing I Ever Did: SANA, MINA & JIHYO

  18. NeoSquare

    TWICE ✩ The Best Thing I Ever Did ✩

    TWICE will be releasing their 3rd special album The Year of "Yes" on December 12 (6 PM KST)! Group Teasers "Unit" teasers: