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  1. Ozymandias

    News AOA Jimin uploads apology letter on Instagram

    Well I don't know what she could say to make things better really. Atleast she's not saying she was misunderstood or some shit like that. Although by her own words, her "Fiction" IG story is clearly fake then. And it would be easier to take her apology seriously if Mina hadn't revealed Jimin's...
  2. Ashla_K

    News AOA Jimin apologized to Mina.

    This is Mina's recent post Full translation
  3. OnCloudShine

    News Jimin Signs With Warner Music Korea

  4. NeoSquare

    News AOA Jimin's father passed away...

    AOA Jimin's father passed away today due to acute myocardial infarction (heart attack). She's currently mourning with her family according to FNC. This is so sad :( I wish Jimin and her family lots of strength going through this tough time...
  5. OnCloudShine

    Appreciation Honestly The Best Moment of 2019

  6. Ozymandias

    Discussion Senpai's Best girls in Kpop

    Urban dictionary defines best girl as: Although I'm more partial to the 2nd definition: Ignoring the 2d girls line (which are indeed better, just behind Kpop idols obvs) and the fucking your computer part, here are Ozy Senpai's 10 best Kpop waifus. The Harem of Hayabusa, the best girls...
  7. JayRudy

    MV Serendipity Cover

    Hi all, Hope you are all well. Our name is Jay & Rudy, k-pop songwriter and producer team. Please check out our new cover of Serendipity :-) We would really appreciate it! Thank you in advance and hope you like it! :-)
  8. JayRudy

    Appreciation Serendipity Cover

    Hi all, Hope you are having a fantastic day. We just released this cover of Serendipity - Jimin of BTS, hope you guys will hear it and if you like it, share it! Our first time doing a cover of a k-pop song. We are k-pop writers our self so this has been so exciting. Hope you like it!
  9. Elmo

    Discussion BTS Jimin being stalked

  10. Haolat

    News September Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings

    The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members! The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes of 527 boy group members...
  11. Discipline

    Appreciation A long forgotten, late and promised present.

    If anyone remembers, for Christmas, there was an event to play secret santa for someone on the forum and to give them some sort of present. I did an appreciation thread for @Jimin and promised her something else, but my life had gotten extremely busy, then i eventually resigned and quit the...
  12. Haolat

    News Female Kpop Idols Turning 30(in Korean age) next year

    With fall approaching, the year will come to an end soon, and that means people born in 1991 will be turning 30 next year (by Korean reckoning). Since many of these idols debuted at a young age, it’s hard to believe that the celebs that we grew up with will already be turning 30 in 2020. Check...
  13. blurryface

    Thoughts i was at BTS concert

    i was at BTS concert last night, BTS came to my school for a concert. and i was so close to them cause all school knew that im one of the biggest ARMYs. i was seeing them, when i scream they were hearing me and more perfect things. when they took a break for a moment, we go up to the stage dont...
  14. cheresie

    GFX Jimin fanart and Finger heart <3

    Hello everyone , I'm a 2D artist for video games, but when I'm free I love creating illustrations for my personal online shop. I did a Fanart of Jimin, you can see it here :) ‘Jimin BTS’ by cheresie And more here cheresie Thank you for those you will take a look at my work !! here is my...
  15. Soleski

    Appreciation Jimin's smile

    he is adorable :pepeheart: :pepeheart: His smile is so pretty :yolk: armys: @Jimin @MsJimin @GoldenBunny @Soleski @Jimimis @kuroyuri @Seokjin @blurryface @bulletproof @StarWarsBitch @Wingfrost @deadstar @TWIZZLER @QueenGirlCrush @Tpse @MonCherry @KimTaehyung @KookievsCookie @Hallybell @Foxia
  16. maruberry

    18+ @MsJimin is into incest apparently!

    For months I have wondered who it was who I got my beautiful daughter @MsJimin with! I thought about it for a long time and never quite figured it out... until today... Today my daughter revealed her father to me! To my utter shock and pride, it turned out to be Jimin! As you all know @MsJimin...
  17. Soleski

    Appreciation Jimin why...

    are you making us cry with your cute video? :pandasad: :pandasad: armys: @Jimin @lexus @GoldenBunny @Soleski @MsJimin @kuroyuri @Seokjin @blurryface @bulletproof @StarWarsBitch @Wingfrost @deadstar @TWIZZLER @QueenGirlCrush @Tpse @MonCherry @KimTaehyung @KookievsCookie @Hallybell
  18. QueenGirlCrush


    Okay so because I'm late I'm going to fangirl over this like a week later lol:) Okay this is not their best dance or their most technical but this really I think is a great example of their stamina and pure energy on stage! To dance so powerfully, changing positions, wearing suits for almost...
  19. jungshook

    Appreciation im deceased

    Jungkook killed me with this look :pepecry1: