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  1. bangtrash

    Stop changing other peoples race

    Isn’t this blackface? Whoever did this isn’t even black and the comments are not it. “They look like Beyoncé🥰”…😟 no tf they don’t. Stop making idols or just people in general different races cus it’s not funny nor cute
  2. victorious

    About the MBTI video

    I found this video on YouTube on RM’s MBTI and this user never made another video on other each member’s MBTI for 20 min long. Taehyung: ENFP/INFP Suga and Jin: INTP Jungkook: ISFP Jhope: ESFJ Jimin: ENFJ Can someone make a video like this? If you have a YouTube channel
  3. victorious

    How did BTS Jin find funny jokes?

    I wonder how Jin get those funny jokes. I want to make people laugh with my jokes. how did he get them?
  4. RandAlThor

    BTS Jimin Valentines for trade..

    let the bidding begin. looking for at least Nako or Yuri Halloween or 2 soshi rares i dont have. aka SNSD : Jessica, Tiffany, Sooyoung. but offer away nothing ventured no chance for him to find a home that cares. :)
  5. victorious

    I can’t find a video of RM

    Hey guys I found this video of RM is tired while he’s translating in American interviews I can’t find another video similar to this where he was sick and wasn’t able to translate in English. Can you help me find that video on YouTube. I watched it last year and now I can’t find it
  6. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance BTS 'Butter' Special Performance Video

    BTS 'Butter' Special Performance Video
  7. LoveYooShaSha

    New MV BTS 'Butter' Official MV (Hotter Remix)

    BTS 'Butter' Official MV (Hotter Remix)
  8. Darkseid

    Appreciation Farewell BTS Jimin, you served me well (Update: he back)

    Alas, the crown jewel of my collection is no more but he fulfilled his purpose, went away to better hands so I could upgrade :sj_weary: Sorry @bulletproof @Jimimis @Jimin y'all gotta go approach @Vikki now :lisalaugh: Meanwhile She isn't going anywhere :sj_weary: Trading is fun :pepeheart:
  9. Darkseid

    Found BTS Jimin card for trade (Super rare, only one in existence)

    It's highly valuable and incredibly rare- only one in the entire forum and it belongs to yours truly through some twist of fate :wimwim: Hit me with your best offers, ideally I'm looking for Sana or Jennie, and if not them then I'll consider Kim Lip or IZ*ONE Yujin OR ITZY Ryujin. However if...
  10. Wicked

    Appreciation Taemin and Jimin duo

    I wish we had more moments like these. I absolutely fucking loved this so much. Kings :pepeheart:
  11. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance BTS "Santa Claus is coming to town" video on Disney holiday singalong 2020 festive christmas song performace on ABC

    BTS sing "Santa Claus is coming to town" ~ ABC's Disney Holiday Singalong 2020 festive christmas song performance There's also behind the scenes(BTS' bts haha) but its on facebook n i dont know how to embed it: @ARMY
  12. Wicked

    Appreciation That part where...

    Your bias changes their entire outfit right in the middle of a performance. Like get out of here with that voodoo. Mood.
  13. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance Jimin covers "Monster" debut mini-album title track by Red Velvet | Irene & Seulgi

    Jimin Park, now known as Jamie, covers "Monster" title track of Red Velvet sub-unit Irene & Seulgi debut mini-album: Bonus: cover of "Dolphin" by Oh My Girl
  14. Darkseid

    News AOA Jimin uploads apology letter on Instagram

    Well I don't know what she could say to make things better really. Atleast she's not saying she was misunderstood or some shit like that. Although by her own words, her "Fiction" IG story is clearly fake then. And it would be easier to take her apology seriously if Mina hadn't revealed Jimin's...
  15. Ashla_K

    News AOA Jimin apologized to Mina.

    This is Mina's recent post Full translation
  16. VillageIdiot

    News Jimin Signs With Warner Music Korea

  17. NeoSquare

    News AOA Jimin's father passed away...

    AOA Jimin's father passed away today due to acute myocardial infarction (heart attack). She's currently mourning with her family according to FNC. This is so sad :( I wish Jimin and her family lots of strength going through this tough time...
  18. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Honestly The Best Moment of 2019

  19. Darkseid

    Senpai's Best girls in Kpop

    Urban dictionary defines best girl as: Although I'm more partial to the 2nd definition: Ignoring the 2d girls line (which are indeed better, just behind Kpop idols obvs) and the fucking your computer part, here are Ozy Senpai's 10 best Kpop waifus. The Harem of Hayabusa, the best girls...