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  1. As_Good_As_Dead

    GFX Kim Jisoo Profile Cover

    @Jungwonie @kimsguardian @Yachii Tagging people who I know will look at this. I had an initial plan but the update was purely random..
  2. Yuzuru

    Chart (G)I-DLE Takes Triple Crown On Circle Weekly Charts + ATEEZ, FIFTY FIFTY, And More Claim Top Spots

    @Neverland @Atiny @Stay @Blink @Carat @Hunny @Dive @Flover @Lun8 @Fearnot @ARMY

    Appreciation Jisoo Fans

    can we be friends if ur bias is Jisoo in BLACKPINK? :jisoosmh:
  4. Moguri

    Sensitive Jisoo fans making a mess I just learned about this earlier and I'm not sure why, but I'm still shocked.. So to give a quick summary.. apparently Dior posted a lot of images of their brand ambassdors...
  5. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Jisoo’s dancers are funny

    :lisalaugh: @Blink
  6. Yerichu

    News Jisoo 7th win <FLOWER> on Show Champion

    WHOO! YAY! GO JISOO! :nekolove: :pandahappy: @Blink
  7. Moguri

    Video Jisoo @ Lee Young-ji’s No Prepare EP.14

  8. S

    Jisoo on her way to Paris @ Incheon Airport

    Enjoy @Blink
  9. S

    Video Jisoo for GQ Korea | Balance Game with JISOO

  10. S

    Video Jisoo X Cartier CF by GQ Korea

  11. S

    Photo Jisoo in White @ Dior Paris Fashion Week

    Source: Jisoo IG Story Dior Twitter
  12. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink - Cool Magazine (February) - 2023

  13. S

    What's your favourite song covered by Jisoo individually

    pretty much self explanatory did I miss a song or two???
  14. Moguri

    Where does the JisooSMH emote originate from?

    :jisoosmh: <--does someone have the clip where this is from?