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  1. Exi

    Found Finished Jonghyun Solo Commons!

    This was probably the hardest to get set for me but it looks lit! ——————————— Thanks to: @badcrookshanks for Jonghyun 1 @Soogi for Jonghyun 2 Cards team for Jonghyun 3 @moonlight for Jonghyun 4 @Magician for Jonghyun 5
  2. Haolat

    Some Instagram Meme pages are making inappropriate comments on Jonghyun’s last post because....

    Some Instagram Meme pages are making inappropriate comments on Jonghyun’s last post because kpop fans made fun of some Rappers death by saying “If he had stanned/ streamed BLANK’s music/album he wouldn’t have died”. In addition Kpop fans also add fan cams to their inappropriate comment on the...
  3. Haolat

    What are you listening to?

    what are the top three kpop songs you have been listening to these past days Mine are 1. Jonghyun - Aurora 2. Suzy - Sober 3. Red Velvet - Sunny side up
  4. mysteric

    When Jonghyun promotes f(x) better than SM

    Peace out y'all, mysteric
  5. RavenHikari

    Appreciation This Album Saved The First Half Of 2019

    :pandalove: OT5 IS SO POWERFUL. How can 5 people just kill it. They are so expensive and amazing. Powerful Songs, Dance, and Vocals. I legit cried seeing the very end when minhyun came back. I waited 2 nearly 3 years for that moment. This is the best album of the year so far. Please...
  6. taemkitten

    Appreciation Shiny Foundation: Sharing Jonghyun Forever

    It's no surprise that Jonghyun has a significant impact on Shiny Foundation, the foundation created by his mother and sister essentially in his name. But some photos from the office in Seoul reveal that the owners and staff really have gone above and beyond to honor the man as well as include...
  7. joshuaology

    Appreciation Nu'est celebrating 7 years!

    This is so sweet :pandalove: (I think they're wishing L.O.Λ.Es happy birthday) They look so happy! I think this must be one of their most joyful anniversaries, after all that hard work for success. :llama_squish:
  8. maya2003s

    Rumor So that situation about Cnblue Jonghyun touching SNSD's Yoona's butt

    Im talking about this And here is the full video. Skip to 0:45 We can clearly see Jonghyun apologized right after and they were talking comfortably with each other after he touched her butt. I am by no means defending him, i still think hes a piece of shit for what he did, but just bc of...
  9. Rukia

    Appreciation #3YearsWithBreathe Thank you Jonghyun for gifting Lee Hi this beautiful song

    Why don't you stream this masterpiece? I swear if Lee Hi doesn't get those promised 2 comebacks this year....... #FreeLeeHi #LeeHiDeservesBetter
  10. Ahsoka

    Solo ☽☆ JONGHYUN (종현) ☆☾ Official Thread | UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION Disclaimer: This thread is going to be a memoriam of sorts for Jonghyun, his artistic career, and his impact on the entertainment industry of South Korea. When replying, please remember to use the utmost respect towards him as well as the other members of the forum that...
  11. Belgizen

    News SM's donation to Shining Foundation

    This is SM's impressive donation to the foundation founded in Jonghyun's honor. I'd like to stress that this is purely a donation; Jonghyun's mom has already received Jonghyun's royalties. I'm so happy that the company donates money to help people. :sanapray:
  12. inverity

    News Jonghyun wins bonsang

    Jonghyun won the bonsang for Best Album at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards yesterday in Korea. At the "33rd Golden Disc Awards" ceremony, which was broadcast live on JTBC, January 6, late artist Jonghyun was awarded the Bonsang award in the Digital Album category. Also on this day, two members of...