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  1. Boyo

    Sales Jungkook's 'Golden' surpassed 2.5 million copies sold on Hanteo

    Jungkook is the first solo artist in Hanteo's history to surpass the remarkable milestone of selling over 2.5 million album copies. Congrats to him! :bigcatclap:
  2. Boyo

    News Jungkook won the grand prize of "Best Song of the Year" at the '2023 MTV EMAs'

    BTS Jungkook won "Best Song of the Year" for his song "Seven“ (featuring Latto) at the '2023 MTV Europe Music Awards'. He is the first Asian solo artist to win. He also got the “Best k-pop” award. Winners for this year were revealed on the official MTV EMA website. Congrats to Jungkook! :bigcatclap:
  3. Boyo

    Sales Jungkook breaks 1st week album sales record for a solo artist in one day!

    Beast Jungkook showed his power again. :lisalaugh: Jk Jungkook sold 2,146,589 albums in the first day of sales for his 1st album "GOLDEN", which is also the highest first-week sales recorded by a kpop soloist. He beat his fellow BTS member V, who was the recorder for first week album sales with...
  4. Boyo

    Video Jungkook at the Calvin Klein event in Tokyo

  5. Boyo

    News Jungkook to perform at the '2023 MTV Europe Music Awards'

    MTV EMA confirmed that Jungkook joined the lineup of performers for the show. Jungkook also got 3 'MTV EMA' nominations: 'Best K-Pop,' 'Biggest Fans,' and 'Best Song' for "Seven". Congrats! :bigcatclap: @ARMY
  6. Boyo

    Video Jungkook & TXT took on TikTok dance challenges together

    HYBE BigHit boys gathered together to do '3D' and 'Chase That Feeling' challenges together, showing off their friendship. :bigcatclap: @ARMY @Moa
  7. Boyo

    Performance Jung Kook(정국) - Seven (feat. Latto) inkigayo 20230730

    The encore video is the best. :pikahappy: @ARMY
  8. Boyo

    Chart 'Seven' by Jungkook returns to its peak of #1 on Global Spotify

    Congrats to him! :bigcatclap:
  9. seoriverse

    Photo Jungkook's nap in the journal

    providing real important news 🥰
  10. seoriverse

    this man is sleeping on live 🧍

    jungkook what
  11. Boyo

    Video Jungkook did the "Super" challenge with Mingyu

    '97 liners stick together :nekolove: I'm so happy to see this. @Carat @ARMY
  12. Boyo

    Appreciation Don’t make your eggs like this

    That’s an unique way, but please, don’t follow Jungkook’s method!:haylul: @ARMY
  13. catmiso

    News armys yall ded

    :llama_laugh: :llama_BLEED: @ItsActuallyMe @jHOPE @Heamic08 @Evergreen
  14. Jewel

    Appreciation No...there's no way I believe this

    I... WHAT. Jungkook is feeding into armies delulus. WHY. This man has probably become either my wrecker or my bias for BTS. When they debuted, I saw him as truly nothing but the cute ole maknae. But now that he's GROWN, I see things differently. I keep forgetting he's only 4 years younger than...
  15. Jewel

    Appreciation Well, it's official the Top 100 Maknae

    Was Kookie HOWEVER I.N. got 2nd place!!! SO PROUD @Stay @ARMY
  16. Boyo

    Chart Jungkook's 'Dreamers' hits 200 million streams on Spotify

    BTS Jungkook's 'FIFA World Cup' original soundtrack "Dreamers" got over 200 million streams on Spotify. The song became the fastest solo song by a Korean solo artist to achieve the milestone, with 3 months and 2 weeks after it's release. Congrats to Jungkook! :bigcatclap: @ARMY
  17. Boyo

    Appreciation When someone eats the way you do…

    Jungkook is really like me. Mixing everything together into a big mess. Yes. :idkwhattonamethis::scree: @ARMY
  18. Jewel

    Appreciation What...Jungkook did what now

  19. Boyo

    Appreciation BTS Jungkook and V's chaotic insta live

    BTS maknae line broke the internet. :queen: On February 2 KST Jungkook suddenly started a Weverse live without Hybe's permission and got comments from RM and V. V said that they should do an insta live together, so Jungkook switched off Weverse and planned to do BTS' first ever insta live, but...