1. Minuteman

    What Is Your Current Wallpaper? (And how often do you change it?)

    What is your current wallpaper? On my laptop, I've had mine on the default background ever since an update reset it a few months ago, but I finally changed it. Now, it's this: On my actual desktop, I have a slideshow of like 15 images that I don't really want to post because it's so many, but...
  2. Minuteman

    What Is Your Favorite Color?

    What is your favorite color? Mine is blue, but I also really like purple and tend to prefer cool colors in general.
  3. Minuteman

    What device are you currently using?

    What device are you currently using to browse the site? What device do you normally use? I'm currently on my laptop, which is the device I almost always use. I only use my phone when I am away from home.
  4. Minuteman

    Which LOONA Member Is Your Favorite?

    WHICH LOONA MEMBER IS YOUR FAVORITE? The first time I did the LOONA Tournament, I had made a poll to see which LOONA members were the most popular, because I wanted to see the correlation between member popularity and song performance in the tournament. This time, the information is not as...
  5. Minuteman

    Would you live forever?

    If given the opportunity, would you live forever? And this is assuming that the universe would never end, and you would be able to live like a normal human being (with a constant supply of food and water, shelter, etc.) Nothing scares me more than death. But honestly, I wouldn't want to...
  6. Minuteman

    Users you ship?

    Are there any users you ship? I ship @Soulless_Senpai and @SexySN. They'd be perfect together tbh with their Jennie dps and overall agreement in the tournament threads.
  7. Minuteman

    What is the nearest major city to you?

    Mine is Chicago: Even though I'm from Indiana, it is the nearest major city to my home. I live right on the Indiana-Illinois border, and I'm only about a 40 minute drive away. And if you live IN a major city, which one do you live in?
  8. Minuteman

    What Continent Do You Live On?

    I live in North America. Also, I've seen that some people learn about continents differently depending on where you live (especially when it comes to Europe, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent), so this is the map the poll is based off of:
  9. Minuteman

    What Year Were You Born In?

    I was born in 1996!