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  1. Minuteman

    Did Anyone Participate In Track And Field?

    Did anyone here participate in track and field in middle school, high school, college, or even professionally? If you did, what events did you participate in? I'm currently watching the live stream of the boys high school state competition right now for Indiana (because I'm weird like that)...
  2. Minuteman

    [POLL] Lion Heart vs Genie - #JusticeForLionHeart

    WELCOME TO THE SEMIFINALS OF THE SNSD TOURNAMENT! #JusticeForLionHeart We have now reached the Semifinals of the SNSD Tournament! Only four songs remain: #7 Lion Heart, #9 Mr. Mr., #12 Galaxy Supernova, and #14 Genie! Here are the results from the previous rounds: Things got pretty crazy...
  3. Minuteman

    Intro Another Settlement Needs Your Help

    You know, I never actually made one of these for AKP, so I guess I'll finally introduce myself here! So back in February of 2017, I was reading an article on ESPN about the Patriots after they won the Super Bowl against Atlanta in an epic fashion. Now, ESPN usually has a couple clickbait-y...