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  1. feepit

    TV What K-drama are you watching right now or recently watched?

    I guess this would be a good thread to discuss or review some dramas you've watched/currently watching without making a thread. I'll start! She Was Pretty - I haven't watched a K-Drama since Reply 1994 I think, it's been a really long time and I stumbled upon a clip of this drama on facebook...
  2. emanresu

    TV Eman's K-Drama Favs

    Eman's K-Drama Favs Hello. It's Eman. K-pop lover and K-drama fiend. I spend about half my "Korea time" watching k-dramas. I think k-drama offers some of the best, funniest, thrilling, and most romantic stories one can find. They offer an experience that is hard to find in Western...

    TV [ VIXX N ] Children of Nobody - Behind the Scenes

    Just wanted to share this post about VIXX’s N behind the scenes for “Children of Nobody “ It includes lots of beautiful pictures of behind the scenes content. Click the links for information about the drama. Sharing some of my favorite pictures from the post. Hopefully it is in the right section :)
  4. vogue

    TV Posters revealed for the new Drama "Priest"

    Looking really forward to it since it may turn out really interestng. This Drana is labeld as a medical exorcism Drama so the plot may really be different form other KDramas.