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kdrama reccomendation

  1. sydsisco

    Some of my K-drama crushes

    Brave Chief / Boss Yong played by Kim Hieora (Bad and Crazy) The official name of this character is confusing so I will go with what google calls her lol. She is the leader of a crime syndicate so um, #girlboss. I can't tell you what she does without spoiling the show (I know I can hide spoilers...
  2. yamaoka

    TV [netflix kdrama] business proposal

    has anyone else been watching business proposal? its on netflix and i think its my favorite kdrama in years!! i also didnt know who sejeong was (bc im a hermit) and im so in love with her :kittylove: episode 7 comes out on netflix tomorrow!
  3. el7na1

    Variety Any good kdrama recommendations??

    Soooo I somehow have a lot of time on my hands and teachers are finally nice for once and don't usually give homework anymore wooo!! But I want to continue sacrificing my sanity to kdramas so do y'all have any recommendations? Some of my favourites are My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Melting Me...
  4. SONEReveluv

    Can I Watch KDrama On Dailymotion?

    I downloaded the Dailymotion app. I know there are sometimes tv shows and movies on the app. I want to know are there any korean dramas on Dailymotion? Do you have any recommendations of kdrama channels or kdramas to watch?