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  1. ahparkchaeyoung

    two great songs from today (you NEED to listen to the first)

    ew why does my title remind me of clickbait ads ANYWAYS well these songs weren't released today but i discovered them today so lol also this kinda turned into a mini speedrun of a Chaotic Review™ :mess: enjoy first up is TNT (Truth&Trust) by Trendz, a new bg this is their debut song and...
  2. trulychoi

    Unpopular opinion: 2020 is actually the BEST year

    For me that is. My loving husband, Onew, has returned from the war and one of my fave small youtubers has also made a comeback then went radio silent, but oh well I got a dog, I'm out of high school and because of COVID-19 I didn't have to attend that stupid graduation ceremony, I'm in the...
  3. maruberry

    Am I projecting my own personality onto Kun? [18+ ish, but not really]

    If you haven't seen my thread about Kun Maybe I am projecting myself onto him? I have been described by many as a mother bear, especially towards friends who are younger than me... I also don't mind people teasing me and...