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king of china

  1. Suzy


    I love him. We need more artists to act like this. Papparazzi/Sasaengs are literal stalkers and can cause so many dangerous situations. They need to be dealt with with the law. In other news, since news of him having a child was released, Hua Chen Yu gained 1.2+M new followers and he reached...
  2. Suzy

    Performance Ethereal beauty and grace

    I am stunned by his talent and by his beauty. What a way to end the year. Nothing is more beautiful than this performance. Like I haven't felt this impressed by an artist in a LONG time. And this look is just WOW. Stan Hua Chenyu. Stan TALENT. Stan beauty.
  3. Suzy

    Comeback Hua Chenyu 'New World' album is out for sale!! +achievements so far

    The album is on pre-sale at the moment and he will subsequently release a new song from the album throughout April. He has already released three songs: 'New World', 'Conversations with ET' and 'I Really Want to Love this World'. 'Madhouse' will be released today!! You can buy the album on...
  4. Suzy

    Teaser Yixing 'HONEY' Teaser Released!

    Why is no one is talking about it? Not only on here but not even the popular K-entertainment news sites have made an article on it yet. LOVE AND APPRECIATE ZHANG YIXING! AND ANTICIPATE HONEY!