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king of masked singer

  1. RockyGoose

    Shrek is my favourite kpop artist

    Just kidding, but that person is a good singer.
  2. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance King of masked singer girl group member performs Taemin 'Move' 2021.01.17

    Its difficult for me to tag without spoiling it, which i rlly dont want to(spoil it, i mean). @eclipsoul @karina (watch it n find out who it is if you dint find out already, or ask me in the comments n ill spoil it for you)
  3. LoveYooShaSha

    Performance Yuqi (G)i-dle performs on King of Masked Singer 2020.10.31

    i rlly love her more the more i see her
  4. perhapz

    Performance (G)I-DLE Miyeon on The King of Masked Singer

    (G)I-DLE List: @Baechu @kuro @RainbowDevil @Walnutt @MinSquishy @JakeyWantsCakey @Soleski @blurryface @Sappho @lexus @AnotherKpopTrash @bulletproof @Ozymandias @HopeOnTheStreet @Tpse @Natsuka_Ojousama @OnlyCalB @Spooky @Jungkook @planetarium @TaShye @YouNiceKeepGoin @Joy
  5. RandAlThor

    Performance Green witch KOMS

    I am putting the clips here when i find them. last week round 1 Round 2 switched better versions in round 3
  6. maruberry

    Woozi should go on King of masked singer

    He would do great on there I think. He is a really good sing, definetly main vocal level! The only thing I feel iffy about, is that he would be very easy to guess. Somebody short, male and with a high voice. Not a lot of options. He could go pretend to be a girl like that one guy from Up10tion...