1. Chae

    Performance who were you rooting for on Kingdom and

    What was your fave performance from them? Personally, I supported ATEEZ and Stray Kids (obviously) I loved Skz’s DDU DU DDU DU performance that was their best IMO. And ATEEZ’s Wonderland stage was so iconic.
  2. LoveYooShaSha

    TWICE TV “Alcohol-Free” M/V Behind the Scenes EP.04

    TWICE TV “Alcohol-Free” M/V Behind the Scenes EP.04 @Once
  3. LoveYooShaSha

    Teaser KINGDOM(킹덤) 'KARMA' MV Teaser

    KINGDOM(킹덤) 'KARMA' MV Teaser
  4. Abeamus

    News Kingdom representative responds to report about upcoming episode

    On May 11, industry representatives reported that Lisa and Miyeon participated in the “Kingdom” recording on May 11. The report stated that Lisa will be featuring in iKON’s performance, while Miyeon will be featuring in (G)I-DLE’s performance. In response to the report, a representative of...
  5. Abeamus

    Who are you rooting for on Kingdom?

    Which group is your pick? :susPepe:
  6. Tickita

    Group ☯ 𝕺𝖕𝖊𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝖆𝖙𝖊 ☁ - Official KINGDOM 킹덤 Thread - KARMA Come Over

    KINGDOM (킹덤) is a 7-member K-Pop boy group under GF Entertainment. The group has a fantasy concept, and the members represent "seven kingdoms and seven kings": Arthur as the well-known mythical King of Britain Chiwoo as the ancient Chinese Emperor Chiyou Ivan as the Tsar of Russia Dann as the...
  7. A

    Teaser KINGDOM (킹덤) - Excalibur (Main Teaser)

    It seems that this group has a huge budget. I am really looking forward to this debut although I am not completely sold out on their vocals. 3 seconds of vocals are definitely not enough to judge, but I really like this so far.
  8. Darkseid

    Teaser New boy group Kingdom (not the Mnet show) debuting with an Arthurian concept??

    Even the teaser is called Excalibur lol. And like, sword choreo. They're from a company called GF Entertainment and are a 7 member group consisting of members Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Jahan, Ivan and Chiwoo. I mean they have a member named Arthur too lol, c'mon. Lowkey upset the other...
  9. Abeamus

    Will Kingdom be a disaster?

    I was thinking about the situation with the virus and kpop and came to the realisation that they aren't gonna be able to have an audience. So they could get around this with text in votes like the last round of Queendom had but that was live and the rest was recorded in advance. This to me...