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  1. Abeamus

    Teaser Yuju "Without U" M/V Teaser #2

  2. frocho

    Appreciation What japanese ver. of a K-pop song is better than the Korean version?

    In your personal opinion, what is a Japanese ver. of a K-pop song that you like better than the original Korean version?
  3. victorious

    I have a question

    Hey I have a question when a Korean kid or a teenager gets touched by some one they don’t know very well or just met them, tells their parents about it and their parents threatens to sue someone’s mom by trying to get in contact someone’s mom and tell them about which is sooo stupid and...
  4. Tiffany

    This is crazy BP's UL

    Wow i guess people are really missing blackpink in korea.
  5. K

    Appreciation When Korean Kids meet Foreigners for the First Time

    Happy Holidays Everyone!! My friend made this awesome video, maybe you guys would love it! :D:D
  6. maruberry

    News Hopes for an OT7 EXO comeback exist [Yixing in Korea, spotted at SM]

    Don't mind my delulu ass, this happens every time before an EXO comeback.
  7. maruberry

    Imagine what Lay promoting with EXO again would be like

    Just think about it... Imagine Lay as he is now speaking korean. Imagine him in Korean variety shows. Can you IMAGINE seeing Lay on Knowing Brothers for example? Imagine Lay interacting with the members again, what would it be like? On basically all of the shows, Lay being back would be...
  8. maruberry

    I KNEW I had heard this somewhere before!

    just a few days ago my dear friend @dokyeomon played this song for me! (or was it @GloriousHavoc who played this.... smh my memory) I knew I had heard this song from somewhere before! I just knew it! The tune sounded so familiar! So today I had a bright idea of playing this to my mother and she...
  9. SnowWhite

    Why do white models working in Korea get hate from Kpop stans?

    I specially noticed dasha taran and and angelina danilova. Koreans are crazy for them and generally crazy for Russian and Ukrainian girls and not like these 2 are kpop idols but are just models,probably because they can fit the Korean beauty standard better than anyone else. Is it that fangirls...
  10. maruberry

    Imagine Lay on a korea variety show again

    I truly believe it will happen one day. not this year or even the next one, but I believe in 2021 Lay will appear on a korean variety show again! But the only thing is... I can't imagine it... I really can't imagine what Lay would be like on a Korean variety show! Maybe Knowing Brothers... It...
  11. zodiark

    News BLACKPINK topped FORBES Top 40 Korean Power Celebrity List for 2019.

    They are also on the cover of FORBES KOREA May 2019 issue. Ranking in individual categories. News Media: #11 Broadcast: #15 Income: #2 SNS: #1
  12. maruberry

    The differences between Western, Korean and Chinese EXO-Ls

    So this is how I see the different EXO-ls... Western EXO-Ls - The little kid looking up at their big rich sisters and threathening others with them: My sister is smart and rich and will show you who is boss! Korean EXO-Ls - Sucessful and rich big sister! They love their little sister and try...
  13. maruberry

    Who is the better mother, Kun or Taeyong?

    Which one of these 2 is the better mother? The Korean one or the Chinese one? In my imagination Kun has all the chinese members + Ten, Taeyong has the rest and the dreamies are shared custody! The Dreamies (Minus Renle) all used to Be only Taeyong's, but then Drippin' happened and Kun stepped...
  14. maruberry

    Lay is in Korea so what if...

    ...What if we get an OT9 vlive... Or any kind of OT9 content... What if... I am dreaming I know, but I will never stop hoping... PLease to god, to SM, to China and to everyone with any kind of influence over anything in this world... LET US HAVE OT9 CONTENT...
  15. kuro

    Most Memorable Experience...

    KBOO VERSION - simple, your most memorable experience being called a koreaboo lol. for me, it happened today. I fainted and am home sick, so my mom was talking about a program on Sat. we had to attend and whether I could or not and I wasn't paying attention and she started talking dates. "April...
  16. maruberry

    The legend who shall never be beaten!

    BoA is a legend and I doubt that her legacy will be beat any time soon. These days female solos sell tens of thousands, BoA sold millions! She singlehandedly made kpop popular in Japan! She was the beginning, the one who had to struggle to make things easy for the others! She gave her all to...
  17. maruberry

    Appreciation I wish this guy was Korean

    Because it is so hard to get subbed videos of his shows! Show Lo is so amazing and Funny, and I want to watch his shows, but at best there are only some old subbed clips and a few subbed episodes out of hundreds! He is so damn hilarious! If he was Korean I would get subbed content from him...