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korean pop

  1. victorious

    Who are the most Ambivert Kpop idols?

    I know BTS RM is an Ambivert and I can’t find other Kpop idols that are Ambiverts. So who which Kpop Idol are Ambiverts?
  2. victorious

    Korean Drama: Rainbow Romance

    Where can I watch all the Episodes of Rainbow Romance with Eng Subs? I can't find them online
  3. Discipline

    EXO, SUJU and RV are failures

    BUT not in the sense that you think. SM has expressed interest in having a KPOP group system similar to JPOP groups since 2nd gen. They wanted SUJU to have a rotational unit which would change each year, every idol that debuted under SUJU would specialise in something (Eg. Leeteuk with MCing)...