1. Abeamus

    What do you think about those "what happened to" kinda videos?

    Personally I think they are pretty flop especially when I got recommended one about "why Brave Girls flopped" after Rollin' started getting popular :pandatea:
  2. victorious

    Who are the most Ambivert Kpop idols?

    I know BTS RM is an Ambivert and I can’t find other Kpop idols that are Ambiverts. So who which Kpop Idol are Ambiverts?
  3. taehyungie

    Hello. I'm a new member.

    Hello. I'm a new member and would like to request all of you to drop by my K-Pop Youtube channel Bunnykook4life :) Hope you guys have a great day ♡
  4. Baechu

    Appreciation What are some of your fav hairstyles from idols?

    female idols: male idols: yes im not a huge fan of the trendy colored male kpop hair :( I like it CLEAN and FRESH i have been trying out new hairstyles for myself and i kinda need inspo sometimes What are some of your fav hairstyles from idols?
  5. Baechu

    ex ultra super omega hardcore kpopper (reveluv) comes back to kpop and needs recommendations cuz he hasnt been into kpop for a while pls help

    Recommend me some stuff kpop only plz i have barely listened to any 2020 (2021) releases preferably with a mv (title song) or just show me ur SOTY 2020/21 anything WHAT HAVE I MISSED??? tagging active kpoppers: @Reo @karina @Vikki @Abeamus @OnlyCalB @marublade @lexus
  6. marublade

    @all who love both jpop and kpop

    Which jpop idol would you move to kpop Which kpop idol would you move to jpop Who do you think would do well in the other industry? Honestly I'd move IZ*ONE's Hyewon to Japan. I can see her making a killing there! I'd also move AKB48's Okada Nana to kpop, I think her vocals combined with her...
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Manifesting EXO 2021 comeback

    Let us all manifest an EXO comeback together! Some article mentioned Kyungsoo is preparing for EXO comeback or smth Kai was hiding his hair We have 7 members available rn (6 even if we don't count Lay) WE JUST FUCKING DESERVE A COMEBACK TT PLEASE SM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE @Exo-L
  8. nyaajooe

    what was your first physical kpop album?

    My first album was Map of the soul: Persona, What was yours?
  9. nyaajooe

    what was the first kpop group you stanned? and do you still stan them?

    Mine was bts and I still do ^^
  10. Abeamus

    What recent song would you show to someone who's been out of Kpop?

    Theoretically if someone hadn't listened to Kpop in years and wanted some newer recommendations which song would you show them? :susPepe:
  11. thaisch

    Academic survey with kpop fans

    Hii guys, sorry to bother I want to run a quick survey and obviously our kpop community is perfect public, I hope this isn't breaking any rules and maybe someone answer, the survey has the purpose to understand the influence that fashion has on the public, using the music industry as a...
  12. xFuyume_LSHFanx

    Intro Greetings!

    Greetings! I am Fuyume... I mean that this is my nickname here, so you can call me like that or just Fuyu.✌ Actually I am not japanese, I am from Europe, but I like this name somehow. 😅 My age is 26 - yeah I am old. 😑 You also have to know about me that even though I use english for writing...
  13. Tree

    Other music genres you listen to other than Kpop

    What are some other music genres you listen to? For me it would be edm , mostly hardstyle and dubstep.
  14. CherryBomb345

    What idols or groups you think should improve?

    Like the title says, what areas should they improve on? variety, stage presence, singing, dancing, etc.. Please be respectful and provide constructive criticism.
  15. QueenGirlCrush


    😍🥰🥳🎊!!!!!!! As I try to get into the non-idol side of the Korean music scene I NEED to put EPIK High and Zico at the top of my list. Epik High is everything and so important to the Korean music industry, whetever it be pop, hip hop. Zico has to be one of the best soloist in the last 5-7 years...
  16. CherryBomb345

    Scandals or Controversies that you don’t believe?

    Is there any Scandals or Controversies that you don’t particularly believe in? or maybe just made up for marketing purposes to attract attention. Are there any thoughts or ideas that come to mind?
  17. CherryBomb345

    What are your Favortie K-pop Demos?

    Here are some of my favorite k-pop demos SNSD - Genie Demo/Song Shinee - Ayo demo/Song Irene and Seulgi - Monster Demo TVXQ - Wrong Number Demo/Song Do you have any personal favorites?
  18. Equal_seungyo


    * only music awards nominee * + music awards top 10 list :pepeslippy: i think GOT7, SVT, BTS seem to be replaced VCR SVT do their online concert on the same day, and JYPE announced GDA was the last schedule of got7 today. whats's you guys opinion ?? GOT7 Kang Daniel The Boyz...
  19. milk

    What do you hope to hear/see from kpop in 2021?

    1. The retro trend dying out :) 2. A new concept that isn't girl crush from a 4th gen gg :) 3. A subunit with two idols that aren't from the same group :) what about you?
  20. Clover26

    Should we stop making ships in KPOP? / Devrait-on arrêter de créer des "ships" dans la KPOP?

    Hi everyone! / Salut à tous! I would like to know what you think about this subject and what are the limits you give yourself if there is any. I want to make a video or at least a blog about that. J'aimerais avoir votre avis sur cette question et quelles sont les limites que vous vous imposez...