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  1. H

    Solo "Han Yujin (ZB1) Official Thread"

    Stage Name: Han Yu Jin (한유진) Birth Name: Han Yu Jin (한유진) Occupation: Singer Birthday: March 20, 2007 South Korean singer Han Yujin is a part of the boy band ZEROBASONE. Under Yuehua Entertainment, he is. He took part in the "BOYS PLANET" survival show.
  2. Haneulddae

    Solo Hart TOZ Official Thread

    Hart (TOZ) Profile Stage NameHart (ハルト) Birth NameMaeda Haruto (前田晴翔) OccupationTrainee BirthdayNovember 16th, 2004 Active Years2021–present Hart is a trainee from Japan and a member of YY Entertainment's future boy band TOZ (To Our Zone). He took part in the survival program "Boys...
  3. Haneulddae

    Solo Ricky (리키) ZB1 Official Thread

    Ricky ZB1 Profile Stage Name: Ricky (리키) Birth Name: Shen Quanrui (沈泉锐) Occupation: Singer Birthday: May 20, 2004 Ricky (리키) is a Chinese vocalist and a prominent Zerobaseone member of the international K-pop ensemble ZEROBASEONE under the management of WAKEONE Entertainment. He rose to fame...
  4. Haneulddae

    Solo Nayoung (The Debut: Dream Academy) Thread

    Stage NameNayoung (나영) Birth NameLee Nayoung (이나영) OccupationTrainee BirthdayApril 17th, 2002 Source Kpopsingers
  5. Haneulddae

    Solo Haerin Newjeans Officical Thread

    Stage Name: Haerin (해린) Birth Name: Kang Haerin (강해린) Occupation: Singer Birthday: May 15, 2006 Active Years: 2022–present South Korean singer Haerin is a part of the female group NEWJEANS, which is managed by ADOR. Credit Kpop Source / Kpop Singers
  6. Haneulddae

    Solo Bada Lee Official Thread

    BADA LEE Dancer Profle Stage NameBada Lee (이바다) Birth NameLee Bada (이바다) Birthday22 September 1995 Introduction She was born in South Korea. She is a dancer and choreographer. In his Early Life, she trained as a wrestler. She is the main dancer of Lisa Blackpink
  7. Haneulddae

    Solo Rei (IVE) Official Thread

    Stage Name Rei (레이) Birth Name Naoi Rei (直井れい/ 나오이 레이) Korean Name Kim Rei (김레이) Occupation Singer, Rapper Source K-Pop Singers | K-pop Source
  8. Haneulddae


    Stage NameJMIN OccupationRapper BirthdayJune 19, 2000 Height189 cm (6’2″) Credit Kpop Source / K pop Singers
  9. Haneulddae

    Solo Taewoo (M.I.C) Official Thread

    Stage NameTaewoo (태우) Birth NameLee Taewoo (이태우) OccupationTrainee Age24 (in July 2023) NationalityKorean SOURCE KPOP SINGERS / KPOPSOURCE
  10. Haneulddae

    Solo Justin Park Offical Thread

    Stage NameJustin Park OccupationSinger, Producer BirthdayMay 2, 1997 Age26 years old (in 2023) Source Kpopsource / K-Pop Singers
  11. seoriverse

    Why are there so many comebacks right now?

    even everglow came out of the basement for the event like what's going on something in the august air??? i'm not complaining ofc we got jihyo solo 😘
  12. Sweettooth_Sails

    I left a facebook group because..

    I simply mentioned I like k-pop and some tool goes and says manufactured rubbish Freakin' idiot if I ever saw one. I don't see his band making millions lol so I left without causing an incident. @kimsguardian
  13. Sweettooth_Sails

    Almost 4 years Registered aka September

    One month to go! I am so glad to join here and thankful for KS members and staff @kimsguardian @Jungwonie @Vikki
  14. alo

    drop your bias group's worst title in your opinion, and i will rate it!

    stolen from @Cupid heehee been wanting to post for a while so here goes
  15. Jewel

    My personal kpop crisis

    Not only is Ateez coming back with a sick theme, but TXT decides to have a comeback too. Then, you got SKZ who already has their new era. I'M SO TORN. And then Taeyong with his solo stuff. WHO DO I FOCUS ON OMG :shake::cokustare::cri: @Atiny @Stay @NCTzen @Moa
  16. maruberry

    Things people have said that ruin songs for you

    A friend of mine once said that Le Sserafim's Fearless feels like it would be in an ad for like deodorant I have never been able to get that out of my mind since It has effectively ruined the song Have y'all ever had similar things happen?
  17. maruberry

    What's your stance on fanfiction about idols?

    I honestly don't know how I feel about it Tbh I think like it really depends on the idol and how THEY feel about it, but also it's impossible to... know? how they feel about it. ig I'd say that smut is not alright, unless the idol has somehow indicated that they are fine with it otherwise...
  18. maruberry

    Comment a kpop song and I will give you a jpop song in exchange

    like the title says GIve me all of your songs right now
  19. Yuzuru

    Chart April Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Announced Let’s check to see who made the list. @Boy groups @Girl Groups