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  1. UniNine0Nine

    Never thought I would love a non-real Kpop group song

    Pandora is totally a BOP! It sounds like what SM groups would make :kittylove:
  2. seoriverse

    your kpop flex?

    mine is literally being born on the same day as the legend 'into the new world' by girls generation i love this song sm :taeilsob: what's yours?
  3. Yuzuru

    Chart ATEEZ, BTS, NCT 127, TWICE, ITZY, ENHYPEN, And NewJeans Claim Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart Great work to the artists topping the charts!
  4. Yuzuru

    Chart K-Pop Artists Claim 7 Out Of 10 Spots On U.S.’s List Of Best-Selling CDs Of 2022 Congratulations to the artists! K-pop dominating!
  5. seoriverse

    what's the kpop group that has the best instrumental?

    which one :pepelook:
  6. monalisalove

    When did you become a kpop fan?

    Hi peopleeee! Let's interact more!! As I'm new here I want to make some threads where we can get to know each other little by little so let's go! I'm a kpop fan since 2014 and BB was my first bias group! They are still my fave along with BP. But i knew about kpop since 2011/2012 actually. I...
  7. Yuzuru

    Chart RM, BTS, ITZY, NCT 127, Nayeon, ENHYPEN, TWICE, Stray Kids, P1Harmony, And LE SSERAFIM Make Billboard’s World Albums Chart Congrats to these artists!
  8. seoriverse

    What's your favorite MV of 2022?

    Since the year is ending soon, what is your favorite mv released this year?
  9. Yuzuru

    Chart RM, ITZY, BTS, ENHYPEN, NCT 127, LE SSERAFIM, Nayeon, And TWICE Sweep Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart The chart has spoken!
  10. Yuzuru

    Chart BTS, NCT 127, ENHYPEN, TWICE, LE SSERAFIM, Stray Kids, And ITZY Rank High On Billboard’s World Albums Chart Check this out
  11. victorious

    How long does a Kpop fan get blacklisted or banned for?

    4 Things That Can Get K-Pop Fans Banned From Seeing Their Favorite Idols How long does a Kpop fan get blacklisted or banned for?
  12. MinjuChu

    News OFFICIAL MAMA Performing Line Up

  13. Yuzuru

    Chart VICTON Breaks 100,000 1st-Week Sales For 1st Time With “Choice” @Alice
  14. Yuzuru

    Chart November Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings Announced
  15. Yuzuru

    Information New Kidd - Victory ( Concept Teaser Images )

    *NewKidd doesn’t have a fandom name
  16. MinjuChu

    Information KPOP MAMA 2022 Nominees+Voting Begins!

  17. LilacNyx

    30 Day K-Pop Challenge: Day 2

    Continuing with the 30 Day K-Pop Challenge, it is all about the boy groups! My favorite K-Pop boy group song is actually from 7 years ago and it still not leaves my head:pepeslippy: And that song is 2PM’s My House!
  18. LilacNyx

    30 Day K-Pop Challenge: Day 1

    I’m bored so I found a 30-day K-Pop challenge online. Day 1 is “The Song That Got You into K-Pop” The song that got me into K-Pop in 2012, was SHINee’s Lucifer!
  19. aloverofkpop

    kpop opinions you personally can't relate to at all?

    no bashing here, absolutely none allowed. and remember, opinions are just that - opinions. they can change, and they are highly highly subjective. nothing's wrong here, and nothing's right. so just be respectful, guys! for me: personally i can't relate to those who didn't like dayoung's bridge...
  20. seoriverse

    Perfect kpop songs for studying?

    wrong answers only