1. CherryBomb345

    Discussion What idols or groups you think should improve?

    Like the title says, what areas should they improve on? variety, stage presence, singing, dancing, etc.. Please be respectful and provide constructive criticism.
  2. Dahyunkyoot

    Discussion Some of my kpop graphics

    I made all of these with canva.
  3. QueenGirlCrush


    😍🥰🥳🎊!!!!!!! As I try to get into the non-idol side of the Korean music scene I NEED to put EPIK High and Zico at the top of my list. Epik High is everything and so important to the Korean music industry, whetever it be pop, hip hop. Zico has to be one of the best soloist in the last 5-7 years...
  4. CherryBomb345

    Discussion Scandals or Controversies that you don’t believe?

    Is there any Scandals or Controversies that you don’t particularly believe in? or maybe just made up for marketing purposes to attract attention. Are there any thoughts or ideas that come to mind?
  5. CherryBomb345

    Discussion What are your Favortie K-pop Demos?

    Here are some of my favorite k-pop demos SNSD - Genie Demo/Song Shinee - Ayo demo/Song Irene and Seulgi - Monster Demo TVXQ - Wrong Number Demo/Song Do you have any personal favorites?
  6. Equal_seungyo


    * only music awards nominee * + music awards top 10 list :pepeslippy: i think GOT7, SVT, BTS seem to be replaced VCR SVT do their online concert on the same day, and JYPE announced GDA was the last schedule of got7 today. whats's you guys opinion ?? GOT7 Kang Daniel The Boyz...
  7. milk

    Discussion What do you hope to hear/see from kpop in 2021?

    1. The retro trend dying out :) 2. A new concept that isn't girl crush from a 4th gen gg :) 3. A subunit with two idols that aren't from the same group :) what about you?
  8. Clover26

    Discussion Should we stop making ships in KPOP? / Devrait-on arrêter de créer des "ships" dans la KPOP?

    Hi everyone! / Salut à tous! I would like to know what you think about this subject and what are the limits you give yourself if there is any. I want to make a video or at least a blog about that. J'aimerais avoir votre avis sur cette question et quelles sont les limites que vous vous imposez...
  9. jon_oppar

    Discussion what do you think of the 2020 kpop debuts

    so several groups have debuted this year, what do y'all think of these debuts? personally, most of the girl groups that debuted this year are frigging awesome (ie STAYC, Weeekly, etc) discuss <3
  10. JakeyWantsCakey

    Discussion Why do you think hit songs by Idol groups are becoming rarer these days?

    @Abeamus mentioned this in a DC thread and I thought I'd make a thread about it, why do you think kpop groups are having less national hits nowadays? I think it obviously speaks to the fact that the Korean GP are becoming less and less engaged with kpop but why do you think that is exactly?
  11. maruberry

    Discussion Do you still stan your first kpop group?

    Do you still stan the group that got you into kpop? For me EXO are still my ults and I can't imagine ever loving them less
  12. maruberry

    Appreciation I god damn love kpop and I don't even care

    I LOVE KPOP! Sure the industry & fandoms and all that is shitty etc etc But the fact is.... I DON'T CARE I really can not be bothered! I love my boys and girls of kpop I love how they look I love how they sound I love how they perform I don't care that they are fake or overproduced or...
  13. Ozymandias

    Discussion Pick a random number from 1 to 132

    And get a song from my 2020 Kpop playlist :wimwim: Yes I totally brought back this game lol. There's a fairly decent mix of boy groups and girl groups, popular and nugu songs. I don't even like all 132 songs but too lazy to delete them now. Try your luck :worry: Oh and I've put all the songs...
  14. simplybrii

    Intro Hi, New Person Here :-)

    Hi there. I am new here! I didn't realize something like this existed, but I am glad that I found it. I was first introduced to k-pop back in 2013 a month after I graduated high school. The first group I was introduced to is BTS. They really opened the world of k-pop to me. Now 7 years later...
  15. maruberry

    Discussion An outsiders look at kpop is so funny [Liam Payne]

    1D's Liam Payne was a guest on a podcast I listen to recently! At one point they talked about kpop briefly and one think they mentioned just.... first took me a moment to understand what they were talking about and then I laughed He mentioned quite liking Blackpink and wanting to watch their...
  16. WeiYing

    Discussion Bias in A.C.E?

    I honestly can't choose between Sehyoon and Yuchan. :sakUwu:
  17. WeiYing

    Discussion A kpop group or artist that you would not stan

    honestly kaachi... :taemsip:
  18. Jimin

    Discussion What was that moment...

    where you were like "oh shit, I'm into kpop now" Did it happen suddenly? Gradually? How did it start? --- For me, I accidentally stumbled upon Super Junior's "Sorry, sorry" and nearly had an aneurysm over how many people were in one single group. It was so hard to comprehend what was even...
  19. WeiYing

    Discussion Bias in oneus?

    My bias(s) are Keonhee and Seoho :sakUwu:
  20. LifesElectric

    Cover Dutch rock band Cover of BTS // Dynamite

    Hello Kpop fan's ! We "Life's Electric" a dutch rock/metal band decided to do something that is way out of our comfort zone by covering a BTS song called Dynamite. We had a lot of fun working on this project and think that it turned out great. Bringing together these two genres that can both...