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  1. dummi

    Do you listen to Krnb? Khh? Who is your favorite soloist?

    Because it should be Bibi. Bibi, also known as Naked Bibi is my wife and my favorite soloist of ALL TIME!!! Please go ahead and check out her latest album.
  2. seoriverse

    soft krnb/khiphop playlist

    i found this playlist on youtube called "soft krnb/khiphop" and i really like the songs on there so i thought i'd share with everyone!! did you already know songs in the video?
  3. nyaajooe

    what is your favorite song by a soloist

    Mine would have to be alone by miso
  4. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Drifting in Automatic!

    Yooo, back again to make a thread cause I'm obsessed once again. This bop was released in October but I left it in my "Watch Later" until recently and now... GOD DAMMIT IT'S SO CATCHY @K-RnB Just the names on this track are enough to get you excited but daaaamn Chancellor outdid himself. They...
  5. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation 100 KHH/KRnB Songs you shouldn't miss!

    Since I'm doing a series, KHH/KRnB comes next There aren't as many of these songs as there would be for any other category but it is what it is. (This was written before i had 100 songs and noticed i really do have a lot actually :wimwim: ) Hoping that for anyone that likes KHH/KRnB but doesn't...