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lee know

  1. Jewel

    Appreciation OML LEE KNOW

  2. Jewel

    Appreciation Boyfriend vibes Lee Know

  3. Jewel

    Appreciation Why does he have to be like this xD

  4. Jewel

    Appreciation My SKZ bias AND bias wrecker?!

  5. Jewel

    Appreciation Lee Know poppin appreciation

    I honestly like the way he does it, for scientific reasons :llama_tea: @Stay
  6. Jewel

    Appreciation My poor Lee Know

    Han is his comfort person. Not being able to find comfort when he's stressed or uneasy is just messed up. @Stay
  7. Jewel

    Appreciation I want him to look at me like that

    And I SWEAR Lee Know reminds me SOOO much of my bestie. Especially their facial expressions. That's probably why Lee Know is one of my bias now. I met my bestie before making him my bias. I was in a pickle trying to pick a steady bias and I got to know Lee Know a little better and then I started...
  8. Jewel

    Sensitive Was gonna go for the night BUT

    Dunno if this is the right place but LEE KNOW @Stay WHY WOULD HE DO THIS TO ME
  9. Jewel

    Appreciation I love Lee Know so much

    He's so adorable! @Stay
  10. Jewel

    Sensitive Lee Know collapsed 9 months ago, what if...[*UPDATED*]

    He collapses again. They are being pushed a lot lately. I've seen so many vids of them struggling to get their composure after shows. Apparently Moonbin from Astro also collapsed. I didn't realize that was him next to Lee Know. Not my two biases for their group :sicacry: @Stay @Aroha
  11. Jewel

    Appreciation My cutie Lee Know

    Look at how cute he is :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove: @Stay I love him sm.
  12. Jewel

    Appreciation Almost choked on my cereal

  13. Jewel

    Appreciation This man...breaks me everytime

  14. Jewel

    Appreciation Lee Know being a menace these days

  15. Jewel

    Appreciation 3 cuties being Mc's

    Two of which is my bias for their group :kittylove: @Stay @Monbebe
  16. Jewel

    Appreciation STOP. Why is he so precious? 😭

  17. Jewel

    Appreciation Lee Know orange appreciation..

  18. Jewel

    Appreciation Lee Know I see you've been working out

  19. Jewel

    Appreciation Now how did I know when I saw this that this was....

    Lee Min Ho~ aka Lee Know @Stay
  20. Jewel

    Appreciation Lee Know purple appreciation

    One of my biggest bias with my fave color! @Stay