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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Bambam about Lisa

    This is so cute. Let’s appreciate this friendship! :maheart: @badcrookshanks @Blink
  2. Moguri

    Appreciation Lisa is way too cool

  3. Skorge

    Blackpink Lisa - Madame Figaro 03 - February 2023 - Scans

  4. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink - Cool Magazine (February) - 2023

  5. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink Lisa - Social Media - January 20, 2023

  6. Jewel

    Appreciation My first Vday card of 2023

    Appreciation to my first vday card of the year! WOOO. Didn't think I'd get one this soon tbh.
  7. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation Thailand's Pride

  8. VillageIdiot

    Lisa Being Spoiled By A Hoobae

    See what happens you're actually a nice and supportive senior :wimwim: @Blink
  9. seoriverse

    do blackpink have a special nickname?

    yk like how bts are called the tannies and le sserafim the fimmies. do they have one?
  10. Puddles

    Appreciation Lisa looking incredible at VMAs

    I’m a certified Rosé simp, but I can’t take my eyes of Lisa for their VMA performance of Pink Venom. Girl looking so fine :pandalove: Of course she also looked absolutely gorgeous as she picked up her award What a babe! Stream Pink Venom! @Blink
  11. dollette

    Appreciation my ranking of all of lisa's raps

    in bp songs ofc not her solo but in 'the show' concert i will b adding her say so perf because yes. 20- stay - okay the rap just wasnt needed i think... 19- aiiyl - she never really has bad raps but i had to put it this low because shes done better!! still ate 18- so hot - this rap was perf...