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  1. Baechu

    Discussion Anyone watching LoL Worlds 2020?

    Just wondering. If you are, which team are u rooting for and which team will most likely win in your opinion? I‘m a TSM fan but TOP will win for sure:pandarolleyes:
  2. potato

    Discussion LOL by Taeyeon vs LOL by Gfriend

    I've been binging Gfriend's discography (which is gold btw) and I came across their album LOL which contains the song LOL. It has the same name as one of Taeyeon's b-sides in her recent album, Purpose. Both are amazing b-sides but they're so different. Gfriend's song is light and fun whereas...
  3. K

    Thoughts I am so sorry, KS

    ..... for using so many anime gifs in all my threads (especially Naruto ones). You must all be tired of it, I'll never do it again :nekoshy:
  4. taemkitten

    Photo living for the mom pose

    i love when idols have a specific way they stand or move or pose that is so recognizably and point, Taemin's "mom pose" through the years: i can feel the disappointment for not doing my chores when asked coming from each and every pic
  5. kuro

    Appreciation the amount of threads I have...

  6. Pigeon

    Intro stan me (Thread title length must be at least 10 characters.)

    Hello!! I'm a new user on Kpopsource @Hoseok told me about this beautiful place, and I'm ready to make more friends here!!! stan bts :rjeat:
  7. Suzy

    Appreciation The collision of the two most unique voices

    I'm so late to the party. My two favorite Turkish male soloists had a collab (over a year ago!) and I'm only seeing it now. And just as I expected, it's amazing. It's interesting how despite having such different voices, they managed to sing this song in a way that flows and doesn't sound...
  8. lexus

    What was your first impression of me?

    I’m curious. This should be fun. :zoomeyes: And you can be honest too. Lol
  9. Suzy


    I'm no longer a flop! I would write about how great it is here and much I love everything and everyone and all but I suck at being all mushy-mushy and I'm just awkward all around so I'm going to leave it here. So yay me for no longer being a floppity flop flop