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  1. marublade

    Appreciation Chaeyeon is the best female dancer in kpop

    Honestly Chaeyeon's dancing is.... amazing Top tier I can never stop staring at it! The first part of this video is an easy choreo from PD48, but the video should start at the part where she starts going off! This one she choreographed herself! Chaeyeon covering a lot of different GG...
  2. marublade

    Appreciation Everybody stan my babe Brei

    Brei is the best girl around I adore her voice and her visuals! She looks cute and badass at the same time, which I just adore!
  3. marublade

    Appreciation 6 reasons YOU should stan Techi

    So. I hear you don't stan Techi. That's not right, because you SHOULD. here is 6 reasons why! 1. Best female performer I know. her stage presence is unparalleled. It's just this energy she has to her. The moment she steps on stage something awakens inside of her, something primal. She has...
  4. marublade

    Appreciation I love this girl to the ends of this earth and back!

    I have fallen hard and fast for SangA of Pink Fantasy! Everything about her, from the way she fishes for fans to the way she laughs. SHE IS PERFECT! She didn't give up on her dream after failing once. She got asked to leave FENT ent. just before Fanatics were to debut... but she didn't give up...