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  1. JunnieBunnie

    Audio Luhan - Keep me alive

    It's amazing 😍 @Luwei @Exo-L just to get more views lol
  2. Yuzuru

    Teaser Luhan - Keep Me Alive_Teaser

  3. Darkseid

    Audio Kris Wu X Luhan- Coffee

    They really just dropped this on April Fool's without any warning lol. Usually I don't like Kris or Luhan's style of music in China except like 1-2 songs, but this was pretty good. Luhan still got that amazing voice and Kris with a chill rap :maheart: Also Swaggy T aka ZTao shared this on...
  4. maruberry

    Variety Luhan and Tao to appear together as mentors on Produce 101 china

    Now this isn't 100%, but Produce 101 china released collage clues as to who will me on there as mentors and well.... It looks like we are gonna get LuTao action up in there!
  5. QueenGirlCrush


    So I'm taking a closer look at the leaked email about Minzy's songs and decided to do some research into the producers/songwriters mentioned. Its nothing in depth I'm just listening to the material they have produced. I'm also going to look at people outside of the email who worked with Minzy...
  6. QueenB

    MV Z.Tao, Luhan, and Victoria dance to Kris Wu's "Big Noodle Soup"

    They make cameos in the video which is a dance/mv sort thing of people dancing to the song
  7. Suzy

    Audio Luhan π-volume 1 released!

    Nature Imitation His album has already surpassed 1.6M sales (before release too) and has been awarded Diamond Certification! Congrats! Unfortunately it's not released on international platforms though. Hopefully he'll release it soon. Chinese fans can buy the album on the links provided...
  8. Suzy

    Teaser Luhan《π-volume.1》Mini Album Teaser!

    It's been so long since he released music, I actually thought he wouldn't release any more and would just focus on acting. I'm so excited for this!!
  9. QueenB

    Appreciation Guess who's back on her old crap

    I woke up at 4 this morning with the epiphany I needed to watch Lu aka the most iconic song ever
  10. maruberry

    This has my OT12 EXO-L heart shaking

    Luhan is scared of flying. I imagine that was also a huge reason why he left EXO. With EXO he had to fly around th eworld and between China and Korea a lot. I imagine it must have influenced his mental state very badly. but this... My OT12 and my KrisLuTao heart! It is so sad to see this, how...
  11. LuhansPurpleHair

    Photo Such a Cutie