1. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation I should write like this again

    Embracing A Star Totenritual 2017 I embrace a star The Pentagram, it illuminates The cosmic energies of the eternal divine Lay before me, flesh to adore The body below only a tool Primal force of nature's core Fill me now, gimme more Instincts must yield To the magickal rule I am rooted I am...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation My man Yoongi isn't disappointing with the lyrics

    My man just released mixtape no.2.... fuck me it is GOOD and the damn LYRICS! PS: These are all from different parts in different songs, just good lines I like! i dont give a fuck about those asking whether idol music is even real music this will be my last gift but even this is a luxury for...
  3. SophieInKR

    Intro Hi! I'd like to translate kpop lyrics in detail

    Hello everyone! I am Sophie, a big kpop fan who was born and raised in korea. As a native korean speaker, I found out that translation into english is very limited. There are so many beautiful original meanings and expressions lost in translation. Therefore I would like to show you word-by-word...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation Woozi writes such beautiful lyrics

    I am in love with Woozi's songs. I legit love the style he has and I love his lyrics... He is so good at writing lyrics... His lyrics aren't deep... But they are beautiful! Somestimes they are simple, sometimes they are more detailed and poetic, but they are always very beautiful. here are some...
  5. maruberry

    Discussion How to make shitty love-song lyrics seem more meaningful

    1. It's for the fans 2. they wrote the lyrics themselves
  6. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation Funeral Bloom

    Through the light and the thunder When it's night and day Darkness take my hand now Take me anywhere I could take shelter I could pretend I could run against it Wouldn't stop Wouldn't stop the wind Oh it's time! To pick up a rose From the mouth of the dragon Oh it's time! To bring you down...
  7. Loki

    Appreciation Twice reciting their lyrics

    TWICE reciting lyrics from their new album :pandalove::pandalove: Tzuyu killed me ~lmao
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation are NCT Dream Boom lyrics about me?

    To  you, my sweat is heavy rain - Very true... It truly is like that! Your eyes react faster than your mind - My mind isn't capable of catching up to the rudeness I am seeing Now  we're overwhelmed with too much excitement - I'm almost permanently overwhelmed by idols... The  dancing child...
  9. maruberry

    18+ Vixx lyrics + EXO songs would slay my life [Very mildly 18+]

    just thought about this... I love EXO songs, they are sexy! But they don't always have the best lyrics! I love VIxx's lyrics, they are sexy and seductive, but I don't care for the songs... What I need in my life is a song that has the sound of an EXO song and lyrics like a Vixx song! Just...
  10. kuro

    Fav. lyrics from your top two groups?

    preferably a bg and a gg but idc tbh for me, my top bg is ofc BTS, and my top gg is TWICE these songs never fail to make me cry and feel uplifted and more positive at the same time magic shop(bts): On days where I hate myself for being me, on days where I want to disappear forever Let's make...
  11. notthatmarko

    Teaser ITZY show full lyrics to DALLA DALLA

  12. Chahee

    I could tell the moment I saw you

    You’re something special I could feel it in your eyes I could feel my heart dropping Fly like the butterflies Na nan a navillera Let the wind blow Fly way, away So I can reach you With all my heart Let’s start fresh, you and me The love I envy, please don’t let me down I’m going to show you...
  13. Chahee

    My hair’s always tangled in the morning

    Wearing whatever I see I start my day as I wash down cold water Always at the end of the day Only deep sighs replace how I felt that day Monday through Sunday Every day repeats Every night It’s a tiring night It’s not easy living the way I want It’s so hard, I forgot my dreams Are you the same...