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male idols

  1. maruberry

    18+ Maruberry's objective ranking of best male bodies in kpop

    This thread is COMPLETELY objective and 100% the truth. If you disagree, you're wrong 3. B.M from K.A.R.D I don't normally like really buff guys, but he pulls it off by being massive. This means the big muscles don't look out of place or too large. He is big and owning it. His abs are...
  2. alexanderbihn

    Redefining masculinity in Kpop?

    Our KPop boys play a huge role in defining modern masculinity and since I’m working on my master thesis right now, I would be grateful if you guys could help me out with a quick survey. It’s about asian beauty and how the asian beauty market is shaping the idea of modern masculinity. In...
  3. maruberry

    Clothes more male idols need to wear more

    1. Off shoulder shirts. GIVE ME men... wearing off shoulder shirts. I love shoulders and they need to show them to me! 2. The classic... Skirts and dresses! 3. the combination! off shoulder shirt + skirt or off shoulder dresses! Those are the 3 things I need to see more, stylists take note!
  4. maruberry

    TOP 5 male submissives in kpop! [18+]

    This is in no way a finished list! Comment who else should be on this list and why, comment who you think doesn't belong on this list and why! 1) EXO Kai This man doesn't have a single dominant cell in his body! He might be confident on stage, but the moment he stops dancing you see the real...