1. JakeyWantsCakey

    News My copy of My Hero Academia Vol. 25 came today!

    I haven't read it yet so don't post any spoilers but I'm super excited! I might re-read Vol.24 before I start this just to refresh my memory...
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    So I just got all of my My Hero Academia volumes...

    So I usually only watch anime but recently I decided it would be fun to try reading the My Hero manga since I love the show so much. I knew that the books were supposed to be read right to left but it still took me like 10 pages to realise that I was reading the text bubbles all wrong lol I'm...
  3. Soleski

    About Yaoi/shounen ai

    Do you like yaoi/shounen ai anime/manga? ---- As for me, I only watched a few and I absolutely love two of them 1. Sekai ichi Hatsukoi One of my favorite anime ever. The characters are great and its so funny! Like its probably the anime I rewatched the most (besides Kuroko no basuke) and...
  4. blueberries

    Recommend me some manga

    My plan-to-read is completely empty right now, i guess into flow of reading some and have none left, and i have road trip tomorrow :nekoshy: I'm alright with most genres, though I'm most into seinen, mystery and psychological. Though u can just recommend ur favs and i'll take a look anyways...
  5. MochiFace

    about yaoi ?

    does any of you know a good yaoi/shonen-ai anime to watch or manga to read ? i already know Junjou romantica and sekaichi hasukoi
  6. Ashla_K

    Manga/Webtoon recommendations by SuddenlyKfan

    Monster (+18) Innocent- Innocent Rouge (+21) Sun-Ken Rock (+18) Shokugeki no soma (+16) Kakegurui Claymore (+16) Shingeki no Kyojin (+16) If you haven't, go and check the manga. Houseki no kuni Bastard Tower of god Noblesse