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  1. melancholia

    do you think white privilege is real?

    Do you think white privilege is real? White privilege is the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people in some societies, particularly if they are otherwise under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. (from Wikipedia) White privilege is real, White...
  2. melancholia

    mean girls but kps

    what are the friend groups of KPS? We obviously have SIXNINE but what else?
  3. melancholia

    What do you think your Spotify Wrapped will look like

    I think my Spotify Wrapped will look like pure taste and talent (i have wonderful taste) I think the artist on there will be TWICE, Nuest, LOONA, BOL4, and Heize. I can't wait. What do you think your Spotify wrapped will look like?
  4. melancholia

    Rumor @Twentyonejongdae just changed her profile picture and it signals a new change

    Today, around 3:00 IST (izz standard time) @TwentyOneJongdae changed her profile picture on discord to Hwall from the k-pop group, The Boyz. @TwentyOneJongdae who sometimes goes by Izz is an up and coming groundbreaking new artist. WIth hopes of collabing with the greats like BAP, VICTON, EXO...
  5. melancholia

    big debate

    how do you prepare your cereal? do you prepare it milk before cereal or cereal before milk? I prepare my cereal milk before cereal (the superior way) . . . (i know this isn't a cereal gif but its a breakfast gif and cereal is a breakfast food so enjoy some pancakes)
  6. melancholia

    toeing the line

    Gender roles placed by society are not always meant to be fulfilled. Gender roles are how we are expected to act, speak, dress, drink, and behave based upon our assigned gender. As a society, we outcast those who don't fit into their gender roles. For example, a boy would like to paint his...
  7. melancholia

    <3 mellow <3

    :) mellow (: tap the coffee gif to see my anon :)
  8. melancholia

    Appreciation To All The Izzs I've Loved Before

    Dear @Twentyonetaehyung, I first found out about you a long time ago. Around March or April and it is so old that KPS doesn't even have a record of it anymore (I tried the advance search and I couldn't find it) but that is fine because you will be forever in my memory. When Izz first told me...
  9. melancholia

    lavender blurs

    the time is 9:51 PM i dont want to go to school tomorrow because i dont like that school one bit. and im serious, i mean it, that school is so not good for me, its terrible for me. but i cant transfer "because my sister went there" and now she is going to a good college, but what they fail...
  10. melancholia


    the time is 10:38 PM my history teacher said something uncalled for and I'm not quite fond of that. I can't do anything about it but speak out but that won't change his mind, nothing I do will change his mind. "girls are supposed to be quiet, no one likes loud girls. girls are supposed to...