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  1. maruberry

    When every member of your biasgroup is attacking you at once

    What do you do? Because my brain is melting right now! Kai is just a god Kyungsoo shouldnt be allowed to sing EVER or talk! Talking is equally as bad! Chen really needs to do something about how his legs look like in leather jeans Chanyeols figure is unfair and I hate him for it + he isn't...
  2. kuro

    tag a few iconic users

    I'll start @Yolks @JungYoda @Ozymandias :queen:
  3. Taesthetic

    Intro Hello I'm Taesthetic.

    Good day everyone! I came from OneHallyu (Well I got banned there...) I promise I'm not a bad person, I stan EXO, LOONA and Taehyung from BTS along with Yeonjun from TXT. Please be nice to me😳