1. Rockman

    Chart V-pop/Vietnamese pop groups for beginners

    V-pop boy bands : 1) 365daband : 365DABAND - BỐNG BỐNG BANG BANG | OFFICIAL MV (TẤM CÁM: CHUYỆN CHƯA KỂ OST) : 2) UNI5 : UNI5 | NÓI DỐI CẢ THẾ GIỚI VÌ EM | Official MV : 3) Monstar : MONSTAR - BADADU | Official Music Video : 4) Super 9 (Zero 9) : ZERO 9 - 'JOKER' | Official MV : 5)...
  2. RainbowDevil

    Sensitive If I read one more of these stupid ass comments

    I keep coming across comments on korean news pages and such, not from K-netz, that stay the stupidest shit periodically... Sometimes they are wholesome, which is rare but happens The thing that annoys me the most is when I see "Proof that men deserve 0 rights" Were you born without a brain...
  3. marublade

    18+ Men in heels >>>

    Men need to wear heels more. I don't even really want that high heels... Even small ones that are like 5 cm or even less will do... But I love men in heels. Bcs legs look different when that smbdy is wearing heels. And it looks SO GOOD. SO DAMN GOOD! I just remembered this bcs I watched an old...
  4. marublade

    Appreciation Male idols wearing dresses and skirts

    I love to see male idols wearing dresses... Only well... I don't like it in a joking way... Like... Usually when male idols wear Feminine clothing they wear it in a funny way that looks awkward... But sometimes on the rare chance somebody actually does it so it looks good and that is when I...
  5. marublade

    Sehun's taste in men

    He seems to like the look of the avarage man! Maybe he likes being the pretty one in the relationship!