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  1. the101

    Trading The101's Trading Truck Stop 🛻 - updated 3/17

    Common: Apink Chorong Loona YYXY Chuu Kingdom Dann Miss A - Min Treasure Haruto weki meki doyeon CLC Sorn DPR IAN 3 IKON BOBBY Kihyun 3 Huta 5 G Dragon 4 NEW! kingdom Arthur NEW! Wanna One Sungwoo Rare: ACE Chan Loona - Heejin -7 Nu'est - JR 2 Treasure Jihoon 2 Treasure Hyunsuk - 1...
  2. Rukia

    Appreciation A day late but 4 years ago Miss A released this BOP

    And then we never see them again :yolk::yolk::yolk: One of the most iconic queens from the 2nd gen. Now Suzy has left JYP. Time sure flies. Happy 4th anniversary to this amazing song. One of my absolute favorite Kpop songs ever. This is what the Kpop industry looked like when Miss A released...