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  1. Reverie

    What year of TXT is your favourite ?

    Personally, 2019 is mine :sicatape::taemsip: I love them doing the concepts they did in 2019, with Crown and Runaway. And the songs themselves were :mork: I only liked Blue Hour in 2020, and so far I like what they’ve been releasing in 2021. :scree: @Moa
  2. Reverie

    Audio Ngl at first I didn’t get the hype around Anti romantic but now

    I like it :sanapray: I didn’t rlly at first tbh:welp: Idk just smth about it Pls don’t attack me:pepecross:
  3. Reverie

    Information Ranking different groups eras Pt.5

    Today I am doing TXT :wonugl: (no bad eras 1. Blue Hour (…is this controversial?.) 2. Runaway/Lovesong (:sanapray:) 3. Can’t you see me? 4. Crown (I adore crown it’s so hard ranking TXT’s eras T^T) What do you think, @Moa ?
  4. Chahee

    You are my one and only inspiration, mate

    I have never met someone as smart and creative as you are, and it makes me feel so special because you chose me to be your friend. You’re gonna handle everything. If you do not say anything, you know. I know I care more than anyone. Never stop dreaming, fella. You have the greatest...