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  1. Skorge

    Photo TWICE - Sana, Momo, Mina - Vogue (Japan) - March 2023

    Video: @Once
  2. Moguri

    Video MOMO SANA MINA Bouquet - Making Music Video

    Does this mean they also release an M/V for this? I hope so at least :catsip:
  3. Moguri

    Video MiSaMo OST - Bouquet preview

    A good portion of the song can be heared playing in the backround, if you can't wait for the official release in 1-2 days (like me :nekoshy:) I think it sounds very nice, I'm really looking forward to it :llama_squish:
  4. Moguri

    Video Momo interview with Cosmopolitan Korea

    A rare Interview with Momo :pandaamazed: @Once
  5. Skorge

    Video TWICE - 'Moonlight Sunrise' Mood Film

  6. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Momo - Cosmopolitan (Korea) - February 2023

  7. Moguri

    Video MoChaeng vs 2yeon making a heart for you <3

    The synergy is real for MoChang :pandahappy: 2yeons.. lets just say they tried :pandanoreaction: @Once
  8. Moguri

    Appreciation Momo showing off her new fancy hats

    I would call the first one Moguri hat :llama_laugh:
  9. Moguri

    Sensitive I HATE MOMO

    You heared me right, I absolutely hate her... Can you even imagine how often I was just looking for cute Momo pics and had to deal with this ugly grimace?! I should not have to live like this, please stan Twice and bias Momo, so she can become a lot more popular than this atrocity and make...
  10. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Momo - Wonjungyo Campaign 2022

  11. Skorge

    Photo TWICE - Elle (Japan) Photoshoot 2022

  12. Moguri

    Nayeon struggling to remember Twice songs

    Bunny brain cannot compute almost 200 songs :kokorohappy:
  13. MinjuChu

    Rumor MISAMO sub-unit [coming soon] Debut?

    Is TWICE finally debuting their 1st sub-unit?
  14. smolappl

    The obsession with line distributions /neg

    I need to say first that this is mainly /lh because it's literally just music. BUT. The obsession I keep seeing with stans being so so so angry at groups and companies because of line distributions makes me cringe SO BAD. Recently I've seen it get really bad with Kep1er's debut and with...