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  1. HalldorOlafsson

    If you do not listen 'to' and like 'Mother Monster'

    aka Lady Gaga, we're no longer friends. jkjk seriously though a living icon for the lgbtiq community as well.
  2. HalldorOlafsson

    My team and I keep fainting on MHR

    Am I just crap at it or is my team crap at it lol A bit of both I think. We cannot even take down a simple monster ugh.
  3. litc

    Appreciation What’s the first exo song you heard and liked? (Non-fans welcome)

    For me: :taesquish: This is also the song that got me into kpop! I still love Monster. It's timeless imo What about you guys? What was the first exo song you heard and liked right away?
  4. litc

    Intro Hi peeps, new multi in town

    Hi everyone! Most of you probably don't know me, but some might from akp or hc, where I have the same username. Most peeps call me lit or litc (I prefer lit), but I'm down for a new nickname too:maheart: The song that got me into kpop was Exo's monster I actually did get into kpop for...
  5. Darkseid

    Teaser SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)- MV Teaser plus SuperM/Marvel collab

    Anticipate the mega bop :sj_weary: Official audio is already out for those who want to listen here. Also wtf is happening here? :jisoosmh: Idk what it is but I like it :nakypog::sj_weary: Rise up spermies^^ @SuperM
  6. Darkseid

    Audio SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)

    The audio is out ahead of their performance on the Ellen show. The official MV and album drops on the 25th :pepeheart: Obviously this is a combination of 2 separate tracks, Monster and Infinity, much like Shinee’s Sherlock was back in the day. You can feel the key change/transition when it...
  7. maruberry

    Appreciation At least these EXO-Ls tried!

    This is legit so funny! I can't stop laughing!
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation Monster era Kai was a superior Kai

    There was just something about that era... Was it the hair? Or was it the face paint (Hella sexy for some reason)? For some reason Monster era Kai was on another level! Those outfits aswell were just on point! I love the styling they had! Not to mention, we have the superior fancam! (ofc it...
  9. blurryface

    daydreamhobie is fangirling here

    WELCOME TO MY FANGIRLING THREAD THIS THREAD IS FOR MY rEaCtiONS FOR BTS' NEW ALBUM 👏👏👏👏👏👏 if you dont love me, you can go :queen: i know nobody will stay here but IM ALONE AND HAPPY :yolk: nevermind firstly,,,,,,,,,,, HERE IS A VIDEO OF NAMJOON'S PERFECT VOICE AND THE LYRICS IS JUST...