1. Yili

    What's a bad movie that you like?

    "Bad" meaning objectively or subjectively cringey, something like that I've liked some movies that I rewatched and now I wonder about my taste as a child :susPepe: I suppose some people would say the old Barbie movies are bad but they still slap even when I'm this old :pandaamazed: The CGI...
  2. eclipsoul

    Movie 'Parasite' wins Best Foreign Language Film' at the Golden Globes

    first Korean film to do so. congratulations!
  3. FaceMcShooty

    Movie Best Japanese comedies?

    Could you suggest me some good Japanese comedies (movie, not drama)? Old or new, doesn't matter :sanapray:
  4. V

    Teaser JOKER - Final Trailer

  5. kuro

    Appreciation I am slowly getting addicted

    to BTOB's movie I just discovered it again after a year, and realized I forgot about the song totally so I played it again and omg this song and choreo is so good
  6. perhapz

    Avengers: Endgame - Official trailer (the hype is real)

    Just watch it. I like the black and white/red game-color they used.
  7. perhapz

    Captain Marvel, did you watch it? rate it plz

    So, I was just curious if someone watched it. I saw some "experts" saying it's not good, but some friends of my told it's really good. I'm debating about going or not to the theaters watch it in the next couple weeks, or wait to watch it at home in the future lol. @Ireneisbaee @Tir...
  8. perhapz

    Game Have you watched the movie/TV series above?

    It's simple, you name a movie or a TV series and the person below has to say if he/she have seen it and then name another movie/series for the person below, and it goes from there. So I'll start: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  9. karina

    Movie Opinion on Train to Busan

    Just recently I watched Train to Busan on Netflix and I must say I loved it. It's such an intresting story, the actors were superb, and Gong Yoo was the greatest there. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something different from the usual. Has anyone else watched it too?