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mulling with midnight

  1. Midnight

    Should we cancel celebrities for their crimes?

    Questions asked; I would buy an artists work even if they committed a violent crime. Cancel culture is out of control. The public should hold celebrities accountable when the justice system fails. I feel like most celebs get 'cancelled' over minuscule things and criminals like chris brown or...
  2. Midnight

    Study finds that atheists are more intelligent then religious people

    With the number of people with a religious belief on the rise – it’s predicted that people with no faith will make up only 13 per cent of the global population by 2050 – numerous studies have explored the relationship between religious convictions and IQ. And now, in a new paper published in...
  3. Midnight

    Do you wash your legs?

    This seems to be hottest topic on the web... so do you wash your legs? I do, all the time! :sippinthetea:
  4. Midnight

    Is bad grammar a big turn off for you?

    For me, yes. Especially if they can't differentiate between their/they're/there and you're/your. But if English isn't their first language, not at all. :sippinthetea: You?