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  1. Saythename17

    What Does Your Real Name Mean?

    I'll tell the meaning of my name when this gets more than 5 likes :jenniesmug:
  2. Tsukino

    does anyone has a idea for a sub-unit name?

    I wanted to create a new sub-unit consisting of Sakino and Candice from Pink Punch. I had an idea about the concept and I'd see a romantic/fairy tale concept. I thought about Dreamers but I don't know if that could work here.
  3. kuro

    if you changed your (real) name, what would you change it to?

    hmmmm let's see, I'd probably change my name to hara, or hana, since both of them are short (my real name is 10 letters :lisalaugh: ) and start with h, like my real name :sanapray: also because they sound really pretty and simple too, idk I just like them what would you change your name to?
  4. FaceMcShooty

    Is there a group you used to ignore cause of their name?

    I used to ignore Oneus cause their name reminds me of USB cables from AliExpress, I mean: But when I finally checked them out, I realized I really like their songs :sanapray: Also: Their new song is so catchy, it's a crime that it hasn't passed 1M views yet!
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation SuperM unofficial fandom name... [I expected nothing less from Baekhyun]

    I mean... If the shoe fits?
  6. kuro

    name my turtles!

    I recently went to Mackinac Island for vacation :sanapray: it was so beautiful, from the horse carriage rides, to the rich history, to the look at this! I bought 3 little turtles for $2 as a souvenir. I needed help naming them so @MsJimin suggested the BTS maknae line :maheart...
  7. Mayday

    Give me a name, and I'll give it's popularity ranking in the U.S

    If the name is extremely unpopular, it may not have a number.
  8. Mayday

    [CLOSED]Give me a number 1-50, and I'll give you the most popular baby name for a U.S State

    From any year in between 1910-2014