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  1. Darkseid

    Teaser Brown Eyed Girls- Wonder Woman X Abandoned

    The queens look amazing, the concept looks FANTASTIC :sj_weary: I mean, DID YOU SEE MIRYO IN THAT SUIT OMG :sj_weary: Also, we actually get 2 MVs, it's been a while since that happened. Anticipate the legends :sanapray: Tags:
  2. Rukia

    Appreciation Literally the best thing to ever happen on Kpop! I'm not kidding

    Timestamped the greatness
  3. NeoSquare

    News Narsha (BEG) leaves Mystic Entertainment

    Another member who left their agency today: Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha's contract has expired and decided to not renew it The other members are currently working on a comeback Source