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  1. Moguri

    Wendy can't handle her japanese Twice guests

    After Sana made her blush into oblivion last time, this time Momo makes her lose it @Once @Reveluv
  2. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - W (Korea) - April 2023 - HQ

    This bunny is killing me right now!!! @Once
  3. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Soundwave Fan Signing - March 18th, 2023

    Bunny!!! @Once
  4. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Mini FanMeet - March 19th, 2023

    She's such a dream girl. :pandalove: @Once
  5. Moguri

    Appreciation Rate photographer Nayeons newest works

    Tzuyu wrote: photographer: @nayeonyny Thank you for the nice pictures. Please take good care of me next time, too.~~ {\__/} ( ˘ ³˘ ) 🤎< \ Nayeon commented: “She’s so pretty” and “ I paid attention to the pose and the look 😮” @Once
  6. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Instagram Update - March 19th, 2023

  7. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Wendy making Twice members Gasp

    lol ofc its phones... fun stuff from todays show btw.
  8. Moguri

    Appreciation Nayeon becomes third Twice member to hit 10 mio followers on IG

    Our beloved bunny girl made it too :pandahappy::lovelycooky: Cheers to Nayeon and her tiny glass :llama_laugh: @Once
  9. S

    Video Nayeon - Pop Quiz with Nayeon @ Marie Claire Korea

    Enjoy @Once
  10. Moguri

    Peach Sisters will be on Wendy's Youngstreet Radio next week

    Super excited about this! :pandahappy: I think the legendary episode with Sana and Jihyo took more than an hour, I do not remember ever seeing such a long interview with Momorin yet :pandaamazed: @Once
  11. Moguri

    Show me a picture of a prouder bunny, I dare you!

    Such a wonderful pic:maheart: Also some more pics she posted: @Once
  12. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Instagram Stories Update - March 5th, 2023

    Pretty bunny unnie!! :pandalove: @Once
  13. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Instagram Update - March 3rd, 2023

    Look at that pretty bunny! :pandalove: @Once
  14. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Chaumet Holiday Selection - 2022

  15. Moguri

    Photo “READY TO BE” Concept Photo #1 NAYEON, MOMO, JEONGYEON

    Momo looks so super good, I really like that picture :nekolove: @Once
  16. Moguri

    Appreciation Nayeon wins "Best Female Solo Artist" at Circle Chart Music Awards 2022

    Congrats to our baby Bunny! @Once
  17. frocho

    Searching Looking for Twice Nayeon and NCT Johnny

    Thanks to @Nina for giving me Johnny! <3 I'm currently searching for TWICE Nayeon. I am willing to trade any of my cards except for Yoona, Tiffany, The8, Joy, and Johnny. My cards
  18. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Marie Claire (Korea) - March, 2023