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nct 127

  1. Nina

    Video Johnny getting ready for the Met Gala

  2. JJbaker

    NCT 2022 Visual Vote [closed]

    The time has come for 2022 Visual Vote This is only for fun please don't take it too serious but also don't troll as vote will be removed Lucas was not included this year as hasn't been active in 2022 [and we have no official statement saying where we stand with him] Vote ends 11th May 2022...
  3. litc

    Information SM Artists seasons greetings photopacks

    SHINee @Shawol Exo @Exo-L Oh!GG @Sone red velvet @Reveluv Super junior @ELF TVXQ @Cassiopeia Aespa @My Nct 127 Nct dream WayV’s wasn’t called the same thing but I found it @NCTzen if I missed any, plz let me know and I will add it!
  4. moonlight

    Teaser [STATION] MARK 마크 〖Child〗

  5. jinjin

    hey Alexa play kick it by nct 127

  6. bunnyviolet

    Video NCT 127 'Earthquake' track video behind

  7. hxney_jun

    Comeback NCT 2021: 'Beautiful' MV RELEASE

    What do you guys think? I really loved the mv Universe Album:
  8. bunnyviolet

    New MV NCT 127 'Earthquake' track video

  9. jinjin

    I totally forgot about this song

  10. Hakunama_Tata

    News NCT 127 to perform "Sticker"on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'

    NCT 127 will be performing their song "Sticker" for the first time on 'The Late Late Night with James Corden', before their newest album (STICKER) release.
  11. Darkseid

    News [Double Million Seller]- NCT surpasses 5 million combined sales for 2020 releases

    Both Resonance albums have crossed a million sales, joining NeoZone from earlier this year in the million club. Along with NCT Dream and WayV the total comes to over 5 million, they’re only behind BTS which is kinda wild :jisoosmh: This doesn’t include any SuperM numbers who sold 500K as well...
  12. Darkseid

    News Best selling artists in 2020 on Gaon charts (Physical)

    I'm guessing NCT at 3 is just the Resonance albums since NCT 127 is listed separately. Blackpink figures are wild for a girl group, also Stray Kids/TXT making their presence felt :sanapray: Congrats to all the groups :sanapray: Baekhyun tho, solo king :sj_weary:
  13. Darkseid

    NCT concept explained in simple terms for beginners

    Thanks for listening to this Ted Talk :pepeheart: @NCTzen
  14. Suzy

    News NCT Seasons Greetings 2021 [127, DREAM, WAYV]

    127 DREAM WayV @NCTzen
  15. Suzy

    News NCT record 1.12Million pre-orders for their RESONANCE Pt.1 album!

    They're actually KILLING it! I really wasn't expecting them to do this well. This is apparently also a record for SM groups. They also surpassed 25M views for 'Make a Wish' in 24 hours which is the most in SM again! Congrats!! @NCTzen
  16. JakeyWantsCakey

    Your Favourite Song From NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt.1?

    I genuinely haven't decided yet but what's your guys' faves? @NCTzen
  17. maruberry

    The OT23 NCT 2020 vlive finally has eng subs!

    wooohoooo FINALLY! Lemme go watch it now! @NCTzen
  18. maruberry

    If getting into NCT seems too daunting to you, this thread is for you

    I very very often say they like NCT's music, but are too spooked by the amount of members to properly look into it. So here I am to tell you why the 23 members really isn't as tough as you imagine it to be! For one.... you don't HAVE to stan all the units! Nevermind tackling them all at once...