1. LoveYooShaSha


    OH MY GIRL - 2020 KBS SONG FESTIVAL (GAYO DAECHUKJAE), 'Dolphin' + 'Nonstop' @Miracle
  2. Darkyoda47

    What Route Do You Think Oh My Girl Should Take With Their Next Release?

    I feel like they have more options since the two songs did really well from this comeback are not similar at all - Nonstop Dolphin - What do you think they should comeback with? What do you want to comeback with?
  3. marublade

    Cover Oh My Girl Nonstop (살짝설렜어) dance cover by Pink fantasy Harin

    I'm so HAPPY to see some content from Harin! THIS IS SO RARE!
  4. RandAlThor

    Performance so I got around to watching nonstop.

    Baring the purple hair (Mimi ?) especially early it was ok i liked Sunghee's parts. I think this is some of why i dislike so much of current gg, that deep tone especially with a high song is unpleasant/jarring. But the girls looked good. Not something i would look up again mostly because...
  5. Darkseid

    Teaser Oh My Girl- Nonstop (MV Teaser)

    Omg it's here :sj_weary: Just 2 days to go omg :sj_weary: The cowboy outfits, Arin with the short hair :maheart: Anticipate :sanapray: Tags: @Kiseki @potato @kuro @sweetener @blueberries @perhapz @Bopper @lexus @Keihatsu @eclipsoul