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  1. Moguri

    Video Twice Dahyun & Dreamcatcher Gahyeon - OOTD Dance Challenge

    I wonder where they met? Dubu is doing great :catsip: @Once @Insomnia
  2. S

    Onces, Twice fans and other gamblers come bet on the winner of the TWICE REALITY "TIME TO TWICE" FAKE SQUID GAME (Current Pot Size 1000 KOINS)

    Rules - Please for the Love of Selfmate read it!!!! 1. you can bet any amount of koins (min of 10) 2. you must indicate the name of person who you voting for - eg. Jeongyeon and the amount of koins you want to bet then transfer the koins to me and TAG ME...If you do not transfer the koins to...
  3. Moguri

    Happy birthday fdonce!

    Happy birthday to one of favorites users here! I hope you are having a wonderful day and get many nice presents! I'm always happy to see you commenting in my threads and I hope to always see you around in the future too:kittylove: Speaking about nice presents, your favorite brand in the world...
  4. Moguri

    Photo 2 kinds of ordinary Park Jihyo🏎️🐈‍⬛

    At least thats what she says... not sure whats supposed to be ordinary about those pics though!! @Once
  5. seoriverse

    Appreciation who's your twice bias?

    this is the ultimate poll all kps users, gather around to take this google forms if you do not have a twice bias, choose the prettiest/the one who catches your eyes form here :) from @Moguri & me @Once <3
  6. seoriverse

    Appreciation who's the prettiest twice member?

    i asked my non-kpop friend who was the prettiest showing her my twice wallpaper! first time it was the ttt green concept group photo and she said momo. now i changed it to a more winter theme and she said sana! but they're all pretty so there was no way to get a wrong answer 🤭
  7. Kamistar

    Information Twice will celebrate their 7th debut anniversary with a live

    Anticipating :kittylove:
  8. seoriverse

    News Dahyun × Michael Kors

    Dahyun at the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2023 runway show @Once
  9. seoriverse


  10. seoriverse


  11. Kamistar

    Appreciation This Twice bside is so good! (between 1&2 album)

    Twice is delivering the best bsides as usual but this is SO GOOD, bop. What about the vocals?? Just wow :queen: If you still didn't check on their new album you should do it :pepeheart:
  12. cocomelon

    New MV TWICE to reportedly hold concert in KSPO Dome on the 24, 25, 26 December!

    TWICE 4TH TOUR INCOMING !!!!!! :snatched: :snatched: :snatched: :snatched: :snatched: :snatched: :pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart::pepeheart:
  13. Marianthi

    Appreciation So I just finished watching Twice's Youtube documentary...

    And damn I cried so freaking hard. I saw the first part and I was like "yeap time to get Prime for this". Totally worth it. The girls are absolutely some of the most genuine people I have ever seen. It literally is what you see is what you get. Their work ethic is amazing but what's even more...
  14. lalisasbitch

    Do you think TWICE's concept change could have been because of Tzuyu/Chaeyoung?

    Maybe they always wanted to try more mature stuff but couldn't because Tzuyu and Chaeyoung were still underage and JYP was worried about minors getting sexualized? I think the same thing happened with IZ*ONE, they chose a flowery, girly concept because they had a lot of minors. The Korean legal...
  15. maruberry

    Appreciation My little sister is a ONCE

    My little sister loves TWICE. SHe has been listening to kpop for years now tbh since I showed her some and her favourites are Twice and Blackpink. Out of the 2 she DEFINETLY prefers Twice though! Her favourite song is Dance the night away. Her favourite MV is like Ooh-ahh and her bias is...
  16. InTooManyFandoms

    [Already found some] Someone help me find like 3 cute momo gifs

    for my signature.
  17. Marianthi

    Appreciation This is why she is God Jihyo

    Girl is slayiiiing!!! All of them are on their concert but Jihyo just proved why we call her God Jihyo. Girl is freaking amazing! On par with Momo, the best dancer on this gen. Stan God Jihyo and stan Twice!!:pepeheart::pepeheart:
  18. Marianthi

    News Twice Announces World tour!!!

    Omg it's happening!!!!