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  1. Darkseid

    Appreciation I've literally been listening to only 1 song for the last 3 days!! (And a BG song at that lol)

    Like how tf and why is this so good :sj_weary: And why don't I see anyone talking about it? :jisoosmh: No Golcha enthusiasts in this forum? I like the slow ominous beginning before that electronic sound and bass starts slapping me :sj_weary: And then the gorgeous pre chorus and chorus...
  2. Darkseid

    Teaser SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)- MV Teaser plus SuperM/Marvel collab

    Anticipate the mega bop :sj_weary: Official audio is already out for those who want to listen here. Also wtf is happening here? :jisoosmh: Idk what it is but I like it :nakypog::sj_weary: Rise up spermies^^ @SuperM
  3. Darkseid

    Audio SuperM- One (Monster & Infinity)

    The audio is out ahead of their performance on the Ellen show. The official MV and album drops on the 25th :pepeheart: Obviously this is a combination of 2 separate tracks, Monster and Infinity, much like Shinee’s Sherlock was back in the day. You can feel the key change/transition when it...
  4. Suzy

    MV ONE - Stone

    The non-rap parts are really good. The rap parts still need to grow on me. But even with the terribly strong autotune, I surprisingly like this. But that's probably because there's a creepy/angsty tinge to this song and I love that sound. I'd probably listen to it again and possibly even add it...
  5. lexus

    One Badge Revamp Thread

    OFFICIAL ONE BADGE REVAMP THREAD SUGGESTIONS PERIOD: October 9th - October 16th VOTING PERIOD: October 16th - October 23rd RULES Badge size must be 77x77 Use official photos Covered faces or side profiles are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable Do not use badges from other forums Use...
  6. lexus

    News Rapper One reveals that he has left YG Entertainment

    According to Koreaboo (because I'm too lazy to paraphrase their article), "in an interview he held with Ilgan Sports for the promotions of his movie Goodbye Summer, ONE, who also promotes under his real name Jung Jae Won as an actor, revealed he left YG Entertainment." "He went into the details...
  7. lexus

    Appreciation Happy birthday to Jung Jaewon (ONE)

    I looked around and I didn't see anyone post about this. But, happy birthday to Jung Jaewon who really need a comeback. YG what are you even doing. ❤ He's officially 25 years old. :pandalove:
  8. blueberries

    Tale of ONE- from zero to hero

    I thought it'd be nice to make this kind of thread, kinda informational kinda appreciation. Thread about mangaka ONE and story how he went from random web comic artist who couldn't really drawn to creator of some of most popular and loved animes of our time: One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100...
  9. bulletproof

    Teaser Rapper ONE is back

    somehow... YG give this boy a damn comeback :pandacop: