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  1. maruberry

    Pnation is debuting an 09-liner?????

    WTF Like Pnation and JYP had a show where they put 2 groups together The JYP group's youngest is an 07-liner which is young af, but I can understand a 14 yearold debuting. There's plenty of those around The Pnation group tho???? AN 09-LINER??? WTF, THAT'S A LITERAL KID WTF WTF WTF Just both...
  2. QueenGirlCrush

    Official YANG HYUK SUK AND PSY ALLEGDYLY MEET WITH 25 PROSITUTIES IN 2014 Just three thoughts: 1) Throw all of YG Entertainment away. Its clearly a den of corruption. 2) I feel sorry for Hyuna, Jessica, Hyo-jong and everyone associated with P-Nation...
  3. A

    News PSY really out there saying "F U dating bans"

    After amazing Jessi, PSY also signed Hyuna and E'Dawn under his new agency P-NATION. He really out there building an empire. Imagine Jessi, Hyuna and E'Dawn collab.